Sara Ali Khan gets trolled on celebrating Hindu Festival

On the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi- a hindu festival was celebrated on Tuesday, 3rd September, 2019 in India. All Bollywood celebrities were attended the event, and shared their photos on Instagram. Similarly, An Indian actress- Sara Ali Khan also took the Instagram handle, and shared a picture of herself with the idol of Ganesh Chaturthi along with a beautiful message of wishing her fans & friends.
  Just after posting a picture with an idol, she got trolled brutally by some extremists of culture who slammed her for commending a Hindu celebration. However, there was a backlash on social media against Sara Ali Khan – who is a daughter of Muslim Actors Saif Ali Khan. The actress faced much criticism over the matter by social media users. Although, the commenters were busy in filling out the comment box with harsh words. Whereas, they were shocked to see that a Muslim girl is celebrating a Hindu festival. While some of the Monothiests pointed out her relationship with a Hindu guy – Kartik Aaryan. One of the user commented, “Why don’t you change your name from Sarato Sara (swati) or something and then worship all the gods…?” Another taunted, “I thought you are Muslim” and one more said, “Please accept Hinduism.” While a user bashing Sara wrote, “shame on u u r a Muslim…”, Another one wrote, “Please Sara jee, behave yourself. You are a Muslim so please don’t do this again,” added one more upset fan. One said that a Fatwa needs to be issued against Sara. “Shame on you!  If you are a Khan then don’t change your god,” a user said. However, the actress- Sara Ali Khan is lucky to have some good & sincere fans who came out for her support. One of her fan wrote that freedom of religion is basic human’s right. Likewise, Sara Ali Khan has right to stick with a religion of her own choice. She is a daughter of Saif Ali Khan who is a Muslim and her mother is Amrita Singh- a Hindu. So, in this way, Sara can follow the both religions. Another user in favor of Sara commented, “I m also Muslim and I do not think celebrating any Hindu festival makes anyone less Muslim…….in fact I’m also celebrating Ganesh Chaturti with my friends”. Well, India is a secular nation and has a right to choose any religion of your own choice. So, there’s nothing bad if she celebrated the Hindu festival.        

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