Yasir Hussain gets an opportunity to work in Hollywood

<a href='https://superstarsbio.com/bios/yasir-hussain/'>Yasir Hussain</a> 1 2 300x163Pakistan actor Yasir Hussain is by all accounts carrying on with his life to the fullest nowadays! Recently, the actor stowed an honor for his performance in a negative role, he’s having a great time in Disneyland with his soul mate Iqra Aziz and he is good to go to star in another film.

However, before he reveals about his forthcoming endeavor, it looks like Yasir has discovered an open door in Hollywood!

The 35-year-old on-screen character, who is as of now in the US, post Hum Awards, took to Instagram and prodded his fans about featuring in another portion of the Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrew’s starrer, The Princess Diaries.

Sharing a film’s poster, Yasir’s name lights up however the brassy inscription gives it away!

Look at his Instagram post:

Presently, The on-screen character is in the US after Hum Awards. He will next be found in Half Fry.

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