8 Things You Didn’t Know About Burak Ozcivit

Burak Ozcivit Biography

Burak Ozcivit was born on (24th December 1984) is a Turkish actor and model In 2003, Özçivit was chosen as the Top Model of Turkey and he started working with Model Agencies. In 2005, he was picked the subsequent best model of the world. Burak Özçivit’s acting profession started with the TV arrangement Eksi 18. He later featured in the TV arrangement Zoraki Koca, Thanet and Baba Oca??. He showed up in the movie Musallat and the TV arrangement Küçük S?rlar, the Turkish adjustment of Gossip Girl. He featured in Muhte?em Yüzy?l as Malkoço?lu Bal? Bey, then played as Kamran in the adjustment of Çal?ku?u epic with Fahriye Evcen. Together with Fahriye Evcen, he made the movie A?k Sana Benzer. later played in Karde?im Benim motion picture inverse Murat Boz. In 2015 he featured in Turkish drama serials Kara Sevda as Kemal Soydere. Özçivit is also the maker of BRK’S Production. Interesting appearance, high tallness around 1,84 meters, excellent body allowed him to begin a model profession in which he had an incredible achievement. Burak Ozcivit-1  

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Burak Ozcivit

1-Burak Ozcivit’s Family Background And Education

Burak is a Turkish entertainer and model. He completed his studies from Kazim Ismen High School, Istanbul. He later moved on from Marmara University (Istanbul), a staff of Fine Arts and filled in as a model meanwhile. He is the child of father Bulent Ozcivit and mother Ceyhan Ozcivit. He has a place with the Caucasian ethnicity and holds a Turkish nationality. Burak has a sister named Burcun Denis. Burak was born under the star sign of Capricorn which is spoken to by a goat. He has learned at his nearby school and sought after his higher studies by enlisting at the Marmara University (Istanbul), Faculty of Fine Arts. At that point, he has filled in as a model.

2- Burak Ozcivit’s Career And Debut

In 2006, Burak Ozcivit has made his debut on Television by playing as Murat in Eksi 18. He has begun the big screen the following year by playing as Suat in Musallat in 2007. In like manner, he was profoundly appraised and was fantastic in his roles. Burak was chosen as the Top Model of Turkey in 2003, and he has started working with Model Agencies. He was also picked the second-best model of the world in 2005. Burak featured in Turkish show series Kara Sevda as Kemal Soydere in 2005. In like manner, he has shown up in the film Musallat and the TV arrangement Kucuk Sirlar, the Turkish adjustment of Gossip Girl. The US variant of the worldwide hit has stars like Jessica Andres. Burak has been selected for some honors and has won different honors. During his vocation, he was won in excess of 10 honors and his initially winning honor is GQ Men of the Year Awards for Actor in 2012. Burak has accomplished a different honor appears. He is additionally the maker of BRK’s Production.

3- The Year Of Success

2003 was extremely successful for Burak. This classy brunette took the second prize in the challenge “Best Model of The World”, won the challenge of male models “Best Model of Turkey”, and furthermore had his photos taken for fronts of present-day magazines “Marie Claire” and “Gloria Magazine”. However, he constantly needed to be an actor so he chose to get an education similar subject. He moved on from Marmara University (Istanbul), a staff of Fine Arts and filled in as a model simultaneously. Then Burak Ozcivit was a truly popular model in Turkey, collaborated with numerous European brands and was sought after as a model.

4- Filmography

In 2006 Turkish producers caused them to notice that point of view and welcomed him to assume a role in the film Minus 18/Eksi 18. The job was little however in a year he was welcomed again to assume a role in the thriller and somewhat later in the TV serial Husband under limitation/Zoraki Koca. Burak Ozcivit assumed the basic role of the single young Omer who experienced childhood in a rich and regarded family. His saint was a spoilt young boy who got all that he needed effectively. His lifestyle made him bold and inevitably he lost his dad’s cash. His folks were truly disillusioned in their child and chose to discover a spouse for him. They picked a little girl from the dad’s colleague – a youthful, wonderful and unobtrusive young lady Ayesha. During 2008-2009 the following TV arrangement with Burak Ozcivit in the primary role was released. Television series discloses to us the anecdote about a music band in which a little youngster soloist came. One artist of this gathering went gaga for the young lady and they wished to wed. Be that as it may, there was an immense measure of issues that sweethearts needed to look with. In 2010 Burak was welcomed again to assume the primary job in TV serial Betrayal/Thanet, where he assumed the role of a police officer Emir, exploring a homicide case in which, as it turned out later, was included his better half, Hazel. In a year Burak Ozcivit played in TV series Little insider facts of Istanbul S?rlar which recount to us about the tale of rich families and their youngsters – the floated youth.

5- The Actor’s Fame

No doubt his acting profession arrived at its top, yet Burak still required something to open up his ability completely. What’s more, in 2011 the entertainer had a fortunate opportunity to assume a job in one of the most well-known TV series committed to the Ottoman Empire – A radiant century. He assumed the role of a dauntless and bold officer, administrator of the Ottoman armed force. Burak assumed this role splendidly and earned distinction in numerous nations and among numerous nationalities, won a huge number of fans. Fan-young ladies of “In a glorious century” couldn’t resist appreciating the look of Burak’s eyes and his wonderful mustache. In 2013 Burak Ozchivit was welcome to assume the role of an attractive man Kamran in the third screen variant of the well-known novel composed by Turkish essayist Resat Nuri Guntekin Goldcrest/Çal?ku?u. A young actor Fahriye Evcen assumed the role of Faride.

6- Burak Ozcivit’s Interests

Burak likes to play football, attached to beautiful cars, knows English well overall. In 2014 Burak Ozchivit opened his own café «Balibey Döner» in Istanbul. Regardless of the way that Burak is extremely attractive, has an enormous armed force of fans and respects, he is as yet not hitched, despite the fact that he is involved with the Turkish model Ceylan Çapa. But since of Burak’s bustling calendar and envy of his sweetheart, their relationship turned out to be confounded.

7- He Has Launched His Own Company

As of late Burak Ozcivit established his very own production organization and welcomed Amine Gülse (Miss Turkey 2014) to assume a role in his first film. Yet, later it was discovered that there were a few changes and most likely Fahriye Evcen would get the main role. Burak and Fahriye would play darlings once more. They state that on-screen characters are infatuated with one another, yet time will put everything in its place

8- Burak Ozcivit’s Relationship

As of late, Burak wedded to his long-term sweetheart Fahriye Evcen. They got hitched on 29th June 2017 at the Sait Halim Pasha Mansion. Since 2013, they became hopelessly enamored while doing the show Wren (Calikusu) and have been dating. Before the wedding Evcen, he has begun dating Ceylan Capa from 2011 and stayed together until June 2014. He has begun dating with his significant other Evcen after his separation with Capa. He has a straight sexual direction. Couple

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