8 Things You Didn’t Know About Ethan Wacker

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Ethan Wacker Biography

Ethan Wacker, an American actor, is so talented and best known for his outstanding work and performances. The young actor who has acted in many television series is mainly known for appearing in the Disney Channel series named ‘Bizaardvaak’ started in 2016 and ended in the year 2019. In the series, he portrayed the role of Bernie Schotz for which he got much acclaim and huge popularity in his carer life. While his first Disney role was voicing Pipp Wimpley played in the eight episodes of Miles from Tomorrowland. Well, the 15-year-old star has been doing wonders since he started his career in the field of showbiz. Moreover, he has received wider attention from the audience. However, here we have compiled some lesser facts to get to know about his personal and professional life. Let us have a look!

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8 Things You Didn’t Know About Ethan Wacker

1- Multi-talented

Ethan Wacker is not just a television actor,yet known for being a successful voiceover actor, YouTube star who often shares videos on his channel, and internet celebrity. And that’s how he became popular in his field.

2- Loved Disney Channel

Once in an interview with a media portal, Wacker revealed that he loved watching Disney Channel when he was so young. He spent hours watching content. He has watched every episode of MANY of the series and wished to be on Disney someday.

3- Got upset after Jake Paul leaving the show

The young actor had strong bonding with his co-star Jake Paul who left the show after season two. At that time, Wacker got upset and became sad for him. The duo often hung out together.

4- Strong Bonding with Paul

Once in an interview, Wacker revealed that he and Jake Paul spent house together during the season and had fun and get to know more about each other. Ethan always takes interest to know more about the crew.

5- Star in the Wishlist

The young, brilliant Child star once shared that he would love to do an archery episode with his all-time favorite star, Stephen Amell who is popular for appearing in ‘Arrow’.

6- His Role Model

During an interview, Ethan Wacker shared that his role model is Steve Carell whom he always admires the most. After watching all the series of ‘The Office’ he started admiring him and count him as his favorite actor.

7- Wants to play Serious Roles

Despite playing roles perfectly for Disney series, the young, talented star, Ethan Wacker is looking forward to getting more serious roles as now he wants to play serious roles including action roles.

8- Great Academic Student

It is said that he was an active, brilliant student during his school days. Wacker is so active in Sports and Clubs. He would love to make the tennis and paddling teams in the future. Also, he would love to make a debate team as well.

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