8 Things You Didn’t Know About Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill Biography

When British actor Henry Cavill first donned the Superman suit in 2013’s Man of Steel, he gained international attention. He’d already had a few minor roles in films by that point. His transformation into the legendary DC superhero, however, captivated the public’s imagination. His subsequent work in the DC Extended Universe has continued to pique the nation’s interest, and his upcoming role in fantasy drama The Witcher is sure to do the same. Here are 20 things you may not know about Henry Cavill for fans who can’t get enough of the popular actor.
Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Henry Cavill

1. Animal Lover

Henry Cavill may play the Man of Steel, but beneath the mask, he’s just a big old softie. Cavill has his own conservation charity, “Cavill Conversation”, which aims to save endangered species from extinction. He demonstrated his dedication to the cause by adopting one of the world’s rarest creatures, a Livingstone’s fruit bat named Ben, in 2015. [1]

2. Hard Core Gamer

When he’s not making movies, Cavill enjoys nothing more than playing video games. His devotion almost had disastrous consequences when he prioritized a World of Warcraft game over a call from filmmaker Zack Snyder. The director was calling Cavill to offer him the role of Superman, but Cavill declined.

3. Childhood Nickname

Despite having the face and body of a Greek god, Cavill wasn’t always the Herculean figure we know today. Cavill’s puppy fat earned him the nickname “Fat Cavill” during his years at boarding school. [2]

4. Finds It Awkward To Dance On Floor

You’d think an actor with Cavill’s physical prowess would be a natural on the dance floor, but apparently not… “When there’s music playing, I’m not the guy who runs to the dance floor; I find it awkward,” the actor told Cosmopolitan.[3]

5. Good With Different Languages

Cavill can not only pull off an impressive American accent, but he can also wrap his tongue around a variety of languages. The talented actor is fluent in French, Spanish, and Italian, as well as German and Italian. He also understands the notoriously difficult Czech language.

6. History Buff

Cavill intended to study ancient history or Egyptology at university before pursuing a career in the army. His interest in history was piqued by historical novelist Christian Jacq, whose series of historical novels captivated the young Cavill.

7. Production Company Owner

Cavill isn’t content with a career in front of the camera; he also wants to work behind it. In 2014, he founded his own production company with his brother Charlie and British producer Rex Glenys.

8. His Mentor

Russel Crowe is his mentor. One of our first glimpses of Cavill came in 2000 when he appeared as an extra in Proof of Life, a film starring Meg Ryan and Russell Crowe. During the shoot, Cavill summoned the courage to seek Crowe’s advice on how to make it as an actor. Crowe’s response is unknown.


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