8 Things You Didn’t Know About Ismat Tahira

Ismat Tahira Biography

Ismat Tahira is one of the most acclaimed Pakistani actresses who has worked on television and radio since the 70s and 80s. The veteran actress had the ability to win the hearts of many with her amazing acting talent. She is known for being a strong, brave lady as she raised her children as a single parent as she worked on television, radio, and also in an advertisement agency. After divorce, she had struggled a lot to run her house alone. She loves to remain low-key profile and never discussed her personal life publicly. However, there is much more to know about her so we have compiled some unknown things you probably did not know.

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Ismat Tahira

1- Strong, Brave Lady

Ismat Tahira raised her children as a single parent as she got divorced from her husband due to his responsibilities. He even didn’t earn and that’s the reason Ismat became a working woman.

2- Multi-talented Star

Ismat Tahira is a multi-talented star as she has previously worked in multiple domains, like; anchor, newscaster, and actress as well.

3- Versatile Star

Ismat Tahira is known for being a versatile actress as she knew how to play a variety of roles. Mostly, she plays supportive roles in many popular serials.

4- Rose to Fame

The iconic actress rose to fame after appearing in the most popular television serial “Neelay Haath” which was aired in 1989.

5- She rides a bike

You will be amazed to know that the brave lady rides a bike. This is another thing that sets a perfect example of an empowered woman.

6- Left showbiz-Why?

The actress left showbiz in the mid-90s as she moved to Canada with her children. She is blessed with five daughters and one son. Three of them are also a part of showbiz.

7- Her children in the Showbiz

You will be amazed to know that the most famous actresses of the Pakistani entertainment industry  Ushna Shah and Isra Ghazal are Ismat Tahira’s daughters. While her son Shah Sharabeel is also working in showbiz.

8- Low-key Profile

Ismat Tahira likes to live a low-key profile life as she always avoids talking about her personal life publicly.