8 Things You Didn’t Know About Kishwer Merchant

Kishwer Merchant Biography

One of the most popular television personalities of the Indian entertainment industry Kishwer Merchant who came under the spotlight for her stint in Bigg Boss season 9, earned recognition for playing Box Cricket League with both passion and aggression. Kishwer and Suyyash are part of the Delhi Dragons team and won their first match against Chennai Swaggers. The actress gained fame with her cult show titled Hip Hip Hurray! Earlier, the actress shared some rare facts about herself in a Twitter chat with some of her fans. Give it a read! 8 Things You Didn't Know About Kishwer Merchant

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Kishwer Merchant

1-  Kishwer Merchant is a huge fan of Shahrukh Khan

Kishwar Merchant is a big fan of Shahrukh Khan and she never misses a chance to watch his movies in the cinema. Before covid-19, she managed time for herself and watch movies of his favorite actor in cinema.

2- She was in a relationship with Suyyash Rai

Kishwer Merchant was in a relationship with Suyyash Rai. And during a conversation with her fans, she confessed that it was love at first sight.

3- Her favorite nickname for her beau Suyyash Rai

When she was asked to share her favorite nickname for her beau Suyyash Rai, she smiled and said it’s Baby. Her fans fell in love with her answers.

4- Merchant is so passionate about everything she does

You never heard about a person who is passionate about everything, but Kishwer Merchant is among them and she has a passion for everything she does.

5- Kishwer Merchant’s nickname you didn’t know

She is known by her birth name, Kishwer Merchant. Her nicknames, however, are unknown to most people. Her nicknames are Kiku, Kiki, and Kish.

6- Kishwer’s favorite holiday destination

As a celebrity, she often goes on trips and has visited many places, but she has never been to Paris and it’s her favorite holiday destination.

7- Her favorite outfits to wear

The actress always shares her personal style statement with her fans on social media. But mostly, she prefers to wear shorts over a saree and a salwar-suit.

8- Her favorite film

When it comes to her favorite movies, she never expresses her love for Shahrukh Khan’s movies, and her favorite one is ‘Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge’ starring Kajol as a lead actress.

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