8 Things You Didn’t Know About Nataraja Subramanian

An Indian star, Natarajan Subramanian, popularly known as Natty who works as a Cinematographer and has built his identity in the South Indian cinema where he worked on Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi movies. Also, he worked as an actor in South Indian movies and got immense love adn recognition from his fans for his notable performances. Initially, he pursued his interest in Photography adn quit school at 18 and chose to work. He did many small jobs to earn some money rather than attending college. He worked at weddings and attended many events where he worked as a photographer. Well, there are many interesting things that people don’t know about his struggling life, so let us have a look at these unknown things!


8 Things You Didn’t Know About Nataraja Subramanian

1- Left College Studies

The most talented star, Nataraja left his college studies at the age of 18 and decided to work instead of attending college. The main reason was earning as he wanted to earn some money by working at small places.

2- Wanted to pursue his dream

He wanted to pursue his dream of becoming a renowned cinematographer and following his passion, Nataraja did some odd jobs to earn money so that he could pursue his dream easily. It was the time when he was not financially stable.

3- Lived a Struggling Life

The actor lived a struggling life as he started working at a young age just to pursue his dream. But finally, he proved himself the best, hard worker, and successful star of the South Indian and Hindi cinema.

4- Before Joining the Industry

Before joining the industry, the actor used to work as a photographer and attended weddings, and covered other events to become a professional photographer. Also, he performed as a videographer too.

5- Assisted Cinematographer B.R Vijayalakshmi

The actor took the start of his professional career by assisting the well-known Cinematographer B.R.Vijayalakshmi but was unable to work on films so he opted to work on documentaries.

6- Worked on Commercials

Apart from his profession of Cinematographer, the actor got the chance to work on many commercials and also worked on music videos for which he got immense popularity for his work.

7- Worked with Music Band

He also worked with Music Band named ‘Euphoria’ and shot videos for their first album and received huge applause of success and fame. Also, he then worked with many top-ranked filmmakers including Anurag Kashyap, and others.

8- Most Popular Projects

His most popular film projects are ‘Jab We Met’ released in 2007, starring Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor Khan, ‘Golmaal Returns’ released in 2008, and also ‘Raanjhanaa’ released in the year 2013.