8 Things You Didn’t Know About Nikita Thukral

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Nikita Thukral Biography

Nikita Thukral is one of the most popular Indian stars who has been working in the South Indian cinema where she mainly works in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Malayalam films. She always gets much appreciation for giving fantabulous performances. Her die-hard crazy fans have been supporting her and showering love on her for her small wins-and this matters a lot to the gorgeous. She became famous after performing in a song named ‘Kondana Kodi’ for which she got huge acclaim and love from music lovers. Well, there are many things you might not know so, let’s have a look at these given facts we have shared about her!


8 Things You Didn’t Know About Nikita Thukral

1- She is in her 40s

The stunning actress, Nikita Thukral is in her 40s, but she still looks young. Many of her fans and close friends admire her because of the attractive personality she has maintained at this age.

2- Favorites

If you are a big fanatic of Nikita, then we are sure you would to know more about her. Here we are sharing about her favorites as she loves Blue in color, Rasmalai in food, while her favorite actors are Ajay Devgan and Katrina Kaif.

3- Fan of Arjan Dhilllion

She is a music lover and always listens to her favorite singer who is none other than Arjan Dhillion. He is an Indian Punjabi singer and songwriter and is famous for his melodious voice.

4- Loves Shopping

Nikita Thukral loves to shop. Whenever she gets free time, she loves to go out and enjoy shopping. Once in an interview, the actress shared that she often goes out for window shopping as well.

5- Insta Lover

The South Indian beauty is an Insta lover and feels grateful to her millions of fans and followers who never forget to praise the gorgeous for her achievements.

6- Credits her Parents

The actress always credits her parents for being constant support since the beginning of her career. She considers her parents as her lucky charm.

7- Polite Lady

According to her statements shared in interviews, Nikita Thukral is a polite lady. She loves meeting with her fans and her Indian fans are in love with her simple, friendly nature.

8- Philanthropist

Nikita Thukral is also a philanthropist. She has been associated with many charitable organizations through which she helps a larger poor community of India.

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