8 Things You Didn’t Know About Tony Kakkar

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Tony Kakkar, hailing from India. He is an aspiring singer, composer, and lyricist. He is famous for his cringe-pop songs along with the fact that he is a brother to Neha Kakkar, a famous part of the Bollywood music industry. In 2015, he founded Desi Music Factory, a record label along with Anshul Garg to quench his thirst for music. Hailing from Rishikesh, their family moved to Delhi in the 1990s, where he and his siblings used to sing at Jagratas. In 2004, Kakkar and his sister Neha shifted to Mumbai to get a better opportunity to get their dreams. There he learned composing, later he started working as a lyricist for composer Sandeep Chowta. Maybe you are curious about his life facts and wanna know about him better, that’s why now we are telling you 8 amazing facts about this favorite celebrity of yours that you will be amazed to know. So let us start.


8 Things You Didn’t Know About Tony Kakkar

1- Debut (Most Popular)

If you are curious to know the debut project of his, as Music Director, his first project was Mr. Bhatti On Chutti (2012), His first Song (As a Singer) was SRK Anthem (2012). While as a Music Composer and Lyricist, Sawan Aya Hai from the film Creature 3D (2014) was his debut project.

2- Long way with the struggle

It might be an interesting fact that his father used to sell samosas outside schools and colleges. He used to sing with his sisters for 50 bucks at jagaratas as he belongs to a middle-class working family. He had to undergo a lot of struggle to step into his dream world.

3- His favorite Cuisine

Maybe you are wondering that what does your favorite celebrity eats so that he has such a fine and melodious voice! So here we are telling you that he is a sucker when it comes to Chinese and Indian cuisine. He just can not resist those!

4- Huge Network

Tony Kakkar has a net worth of an estimated 20 million dollars! He has been working as a Singer, Composer, and Producer as well as he writes his lyrics and that is why he is successful in making such a large fortune.

5- Craze for Cricket

He has a great craze for cricket. Cricket is his hobby, favorite sports, and everything! He himself had played some cricket during his student life.

6- Wanderlust

We are quite sure that you do not this fact about him that he is an avid traveler. His favorite travel destination is Maurasios.

7- His Music Ideals

He himself has great taste in music. He loves to hear from several musicians. If we talk about the most favorite musicians of him, then they are Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Ghulam Ali Khan, Lata Mangeshkar, A. R. Rahman, Arijit Singh, etc.

8- Multitalented Personality

Tony Kakkar gas got a multidimensional personality. He is a Singer, Music Composer, Music Director, Lyricist, etc and he is carrying on with all these fields brilliantly.

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