Mahira Khan shares some glimpses of Paris Fashion Week,2019 with Camila Cabello,Eva Longoria

Mahira Khan was looking fabulous while ramp walking as she appeared at the Parish Fashion Week, 2019. She is not only an eminent star but also recognized as the best model in the fashion capital of the world. The most popular actress put her best foot forward as she swaggered down the L’Oréal Paris Le Défilé runway appear at Paris Fashion Week. The brand envoy took to the incline to join the main women of L’Oreal Paris and shone in front of an audience under the Eiffel Tower. She was snapped with a radiating grin and wearing a dark cowhide coat group by Karl Lagerfeld.
The star was additionally observed with the crème de la crème of stars, including Hollywood superstar Eva Longoria. Mahira staggered in a Zara Shahjahan flower sari as she presented with the Desperate Housewives star for an image.
What’s more, that is not all. A video was shared of Mahira getting a move on with driving woman Helen Mirren on the Paris runway, as festivities were in high request as the profoundly foreseen L’Oreal style show found some conclusion. The Queen entertainer looked rich as consistently in a full-length outfit as she shimmied her way down the incline with Mahira.
Mahira joined any semblance of Bollywood star Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, who went to the esteemed occasion as a model for Giambattista Valli. The on-screen character wore a treat pink dress with a high neck puffy Juliet sleeves and ornamentations at the stitch of her dress. Misrepresented quill shoes, blue precious stone rings and, obviously, vivid cosmetics. Pop sensation Camila Cabello can add additionally add catwalk model to her resume as she strolled the runway for the city’s Fashion Week. The 22-year-old wore a diving dark coat and flared pants as she easily sashayed down the runway. Dark, open-toed heels completed the outfit, which she matched with silver circle studs.
Mahira has been caught up with doing the rounds in Paris during her outing, including visiting a workshop at the amazing Karl Lagerfeld store. As a team with the extravagance brand, Mahira endured a session and even made her very own lipstick.

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