Mawra Hocane discloses she is a victim of social anxiety

As we know that mental health is a debating topic since long and to the extent research is concerned and more reviews to be required for the acceptable outcomes however the current circumstance is very surprising. It is a reality that a number of analysts and journalists assumes a huge job to raise the awareness about this issue yet circumstance remains the same. Another problem with respect to this issue is the low proportion of specialists/psychiatrists in view of no scope of psychology in Pakistan which is the most neglected segment in our country. Additionally, the proportion is expanding step by step so it isn’t sure that how much specialists we have however it’s dishonorable to express that as per late examination we have just 380 prepared therapists till 2015. This is a colossal shame for our nation.

To break the kind of stigmas and the silence culture, now there is a large number of celebrities who have talked about mental health problems for the purpose of raising awareness among the masses of society. However, recently, a well-known Bollywood’s actress Deepika Padukone has discussed about it.  While the most famous Pakistani film stars Hareem Farooq and Mansha Pasha also revealed that they are fighting with depression, the stigma encompassing the theme has diminished. In an ongoing new development, actress Mawra Hocane unveiled that she is experiencing social anxiety and is looking for approaches to get over it. She additionally shed light on her battles with the condition while reacting to a fan on social media.

The on-screen character took to her Instagram handle on Thursday, 19th September 2019, as she posted a video of her morning cardio, with the subtitle, “And after that, I ran so quick my telephone tumbled off.”

One of her adherents asked whether she experiences social anxiety and Mawra’s reaction was astonishing for sure.

“Indeed. I’m suffering from social anxiety recently and I’ve been doing combating with it each day in turn. For everybody who is understanding it and has endured anxiety/uneasiness, we are all in this together,” answered the star.

The Mawra Hocane sisters also snatched the spotlight before for their recommendation on psychological wellness on a nearby TV appear. They recommended that eating clean can control nervousness and wretchedness. Following this, the couple got serious criticism for as far as anyone knows undermining the reasons for the mental issue, with a few activists and netizens are getting them out for their “reckless comments”. They were gotten out for talking from a position of benefit. Mawra is that as it may, remained quiet about her own battles, without reacting to the joke at the time.




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