Nick Jonas responds at trolls who say Priyanka Chopra doesn’t know his real age

Nick Jonas strike back at trolls for accusing Priyanka Chopra that she doesn’t know his real age. The whole mess was created when Priyanka Chopra posted her photo with Nick on her Official Instagram, and congratulating him on his Villa Once Tequila Launch.  In that post, she wrote his age as 27, although he’s 26 years old at a moment, and will be 27 on his coming birthday 16th September.
Just after that, the comment section was flooded with netizens’ comments. Commenters thought that Priyanka Chopra is trying to hide the age gap, as she is 37. To avoid further trolling, Nick Jonas responded at internet trolls through meme. He posted a meme on his Instagram story which shows that Batman slapping Robin, as an appropriate response to the trolling. On that meme, Nick Jonas wrote, “Priyanka Chopra definitely knows my birthday everyone.” Later on, Priyanka posted the same meme on her Instagram story with the caption, “Enough said.” Nevertheless, the harsh fact is, people has agenda to tease others in different ways. In this way, the worst thing is you feed the trolls, but the best is when you ignore the person. The more you react, the more you trolled. And the couple has proved it right.  They responded well to stop the further trolling. The fact is, age is just the number, but the main thing which is important in every relationship is their mutual understanding. The couple always supportive for each other, no matter what. Few days back, when Nick was attending MTV Video Music Awards alone without Priyanka Chopra, while Joe Jonas & Kevin Jonas were with their soulpartners, Priyanka Chopra edited her photo by using photoshop to make Nick feel good. On that photo, Priyanka captioned, “ I’m always with you.”
However, the couple has been busy throughout the year in attending Joe and Sophie’s wedding in France, and then Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas went to Italy for spending their holidays with each other.

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