8 Things You Didn’t Know About Michael Vlamis

Michael Vlamis Biography

Michael Vlamis never imagined himself as an actor, so even after making his debut in 2009, he did not pursue acting as a career. However, you can’t talk about “Roswell, New Mexico” without mentioning Michael, who plays “Michael Guerin” in the show. He has always enjoyed playing the underdog and was inspired by “Sylvester Stallone” in “Rocky” and Matt Damon in “Good Will Hunting.” He has since moved on from acting and has written a few scripts. This is your opportunity to learn more about the actor.
Michael Vlamis
Michael Vlamis

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Michael Vlamis

1. Doesn’t Discriminate Against Gay

Despite the fact that Michael did not grow up around gay people, he does not discriminate against them. To be honest, he believes that love is for everyone and that wherever you find it, whether, in a man or a woman, you have the right to be happy.

2. Prefers Doing His Own Stunt

While most actors would do anything to avoid getting hurt while performing stunts, Michael does not mind getting bruised. In fact, he enjoys it in order to deliver an authentic performance. As a result, even though he has doubles available to do the stunts. He enjoys doing them so much that the “Roswell, New Mexico” stunt team nicknamed him “No Pads Vlamis.”

3. Didn’t Watch “Roswell Before Filming”

As he explained to AssignmentX, despite having seen the original series before, he did not watch it again to refresh his memory. Instead, the actor wanted to give his character a new twist because he knew from the script that they wouldn’t be using the original. As a result, aside from his curly hair, Michael’s character is unique in every way. [1]

4. Producer

Michael has always enjoyed making movies and did so with his friends since he was a child. That passion has not died, and he announced in January 2019 that he had produced and starred in his first feature film, “5 Years Apart.”

5. Was Not Good At Drama

Michael’s path to becoming an actor began at the age of 25 when he enrolled in an acting class. He wasn’t great, and his coach didn’t spare him because she saw Michael’s potential. According to Latest Magazine, the actor admitted that he was not good at drama. But it dawned on him that he had to live truthfully from one moment to the next. [2]

6. His Role Model

Michael admires many actors such as “Matthew McConaughey”, “Phillip Seymour”, “Dustin Hoffman”, “Robert De Niro”, and many others. However, despite the fact that all of these actors are excellent, Shia LaBeouf is unmatched in Michael’s eyes.

7. Couldn’t Get An Audition For “Roswell, New Mexico”

Michael was stereotyped as a comedic actor, so when his manager tried to book him an audition for the show, they didn’t see him. He, on the other hand, did not give up, and the day before the last day of auditions, he filmed and emailed his audition tapes.

8. Got Into Acting After His Injuries

Michael had no idea what career path he wanted to pursue, but he aspired to be a writer, producer, or director. His love for baseball, however, was cut short when he sustained too many injuries, forcing him to store his cleats and try something else. He decided on acting and went to his audition, despite the fact that he was certain he would fail.