8 Things You Didn’t Know About Shaista Lodhi

Shaista Lodhi is a beautiful and talented Pakistani television host, actress, and skincare expert she was born on 26th November 1976 in Karachi Sindh, Pakistan. She has been in Showbiz since 2001 and never fails to impress her fans with her incredibly wonderful talent. Moreover, she is known for her good looks that make her stand out among all. This article has all the information we need to know about the gorgeous Shaista Lodhi.

Shaista Lodhi

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Shaista Lodhi

1- Career

Shaista Lodhi is a versatile Pakistani television Host, actress, and dermatologist who also owns a clinic in Karachi. She tried her luck to become an actress in 2016 but did not turn out well.

2- Family tree

Many times the Showbiz has a root in the family tree of some popular personalities, likewise, Shaista Lodhi is the sister of popular host and actor Sahir Lodhi.

3- As a host

Shaista Lodhi has hosted several shows from the beginning she has remained attached to various morning shows. She has interviewed Ranbir Kapoor as well.

4- As an actor

Shaista Lodhi made her first appearance in the drama Waada back in 2016 but her acting didn’t impress people. Then next year in another drama Khan then she quit acting.

5- Education

She completed her schooling from Habib Girls School (Karachi), then college from Bahria college, and then gained her meds degree from Sindh Medical College.

6- Fitness and looks

Shaista Lodhi is known for being a skincare expert her tips are well known, tried, and tested by the audience and her morning show fans.

7- Marital Status

She got married to Waqar Wahidi in 1992, they parted their ways after 20 years of marriage. In 2015 she got married to her first cousin Adnan Lodhi. She is a mother of 3 kids.

8- Shows hosted

Shaista Lodhi has hosted many beneficial and successful shows like Bakhabar Savera, Good morning Pakistan, Utho Jago Pakistan, and Sitaray ki Subha.