8 Things you didn’t know about Aima Baig

Aima Baig Biography

When we about to solo acts and singing, one famous name comes in mind,  Aima Baig who has emerged as the most loving celebrity singer from the newer lot. She has beaten every difficulty in the way of either her acting career to play in the blockbuster film, like chartbusters, or her singing in the Coke studio, a proven herself as a stunning streak.

Things you didn’t know about Aima Baig

1. Aima don’t want to be targeted by the Indian reality show, Bigg Boss

Recently, it was reported that in The Munshi Show of Galaxy Lollywood with Momin Ali Munshi. Aima Baig disclosed while chatting about her personal life, working and possible future projects that she was approached and offered by the makers to be a contestant of Bigg Boss’s latest season, the Indian reality show but Aima refused and said, “I immediately refused the offer as I didn’t want to be a target on the show.”

2. The controversy of the fake news about Aima singing with the painter M. Arif

A video of painter M. Arif went viral in which he was singing well before a few days. A rumor was circulating on the internet that the renowned singer Aima Baig will be singing alongside painter M. Arif, but it was declared by the Aima’s manager that she hadn’t booked by anyone to perform in the Independence Day. Her fans were not happy when the fake new came into being.

3. The renowned singer lost her mother at an early age due to cancer

Aima lost her mother at a very early age and was grew up by her only parent, her father in Oman. Her mother died of cancer. Since then, Aima has collaborated with her uncle Mubashir Lucman. They raise awareness about cancers diagnose, preventions, treatments, etc., among the public and run their campaign of public service message.

4. By whom Aima Baig was introduced?

The soulful singer was brought by the Strings to the Coke Studio Season 10 platform in 2017. Though then, the singer is enthralling her fans with her sweat and powerful voice and has successfully done a large number of versatile music projects in the Pakistan music industry.

5. Aima Baig powerful performance in the PSL

The powerful singer has also made her outstanding music debut in Pakistan Super League Season 4. The talented girl has given her breakthrough best performance in PSL which won the heart of the cricket lovers and open the new ways of her success.

6. Her upcoming project will be in the Bollywood; reveled by Aima

Aima revealed in her interview that very soon, she will be appeared in one of her upcoming projects in collaboration with one of the famous Bollywood pop singer Mika Singh. In her official Instagram account, Aima has also shared a picture with Mika Singh.

7. Whose are Aima crushes?

Aima’s female crush is the gorgeous lady of Lollywood, Mahira Khan. In a talk show, she admired the innocent of Mahira Khan’s face in such a way that her face is so appealing and Aima wishes to have the same upon reaching her age. When we talk about her male crushes, the great singer is a fan of heartthrob actors, Fawad Khan, and Fahad Mustafa.

8. What is her hidden talent? Which knows only a few people.

Aima revealed in an interviewer when she was asking about her other hidden talent that she loves to write. She said “I have always been a writer. In fact, I wrote my first script two years ago.”

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