8 Things You Didn’t Know About Neelima Azeem

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Neelima Azeem Biography

An Indian actress, Neelima Azeem, became famous after appearing as a supporting actress in the Bollywood blockbuster film titled ‘Sadak’. In the film, she acted alongside Deepak Tijori while among the main cast, Sanjay Dutt and Pooja Bhatt played pivotal roles. She is notable for her other popular roles. Well, like other celebrities, Neelima Azeem also faced hurdles and challenges before joining acting as a career. Even after joining, she struggled, and consequently, she became famous for her work in her early career. Here is something interesting to get to know more about her. Let’s have a look!

Neelima Azeem

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Neelima Azeem

1- Married Thrice

Many of us didn’t know that Neelima Azeem was married thrice. First, she married Pankaj Kapoor with whom she had a son Shahid Kapoor. The couple got married in 1975 and parted ways in 1984. Later, she married Rajesh Khatter in 1990 and parted ways in 2001. The couple had a son named Ishaan Khatter. Lastly, she married Raza Ali in 2004, and later, she got divorced in 2009.

2- Success at its Peak

Neelima Azeem’s success was at its peak when she shared the screen space alongside Deepak Tijori in the Bollywood blockbuster ‘Sadak’. In the film, the entire cast gave brilliant performances and won several awards.

3- What Makes Her Best

Apart from acting, Neelima Azeem established her career profile as a well-trained Kathak dancer and that’s what makes her best and incredible among others.

4- Profession as a Hobby

Neelima Azeem loves practicing Kathak dance in her leisure time and that’s what she loves to do the most. Even she call it a profession which she considers as a hobby.

5- Enjoyed Working With…

Neelima Azeem enjoyed working with the film cast of ‘Sadak’ in which Sanjay Dutt, Pooja Bhatt, Deepak Tijori, and Neelima paired up and collected precious moments while working together on the sets.

6- Worked With Bollywood Biggies

Here you will be surprised to know that Neelima Azeem has worked with many most celebrated Bollywood biggies, such as; Dimple Kapadia, Raj Babbar, Ajay Devgan, and others during the 90s. That’s amazing!

7- She is so closed with Shahid Kapoor

Neelima Azeem had lived a tough life and faced many problems in her personal and professional life, but she didn’t give up. She is so closed with her elder son Shahid Kapoor who has been a strong support system to his mother as he helped her to raise Ishaan Khatter as well.

8- Shahid was against her Third Marriage

Once in an interview, Azeem revealed that her elder son Shahid Kapoor was against her decision of getting married for the third time with Raza Ali Khan.

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