‘Futurama’ Episode Is Dedicated to Coolio and Kwanzaa-Bot

Hulu dropped the latest episode in the Futurama revival season, a festive affair titled:

I Know What You Did Next XMas

Longtime Futurama fans know well that a holiday episode all but guarantees appearances from three of the best and brightest side characters:

  • Robot Santa Clause
  • Chanukah Zombie
  • Kwanzaa-Bot

Bringing back Professor Farnsworth’s time machine, Zoidberg’s role, and framed by rhythmic narration from the last member of the holiday trio, “I Know What You Did Next XMAS” signified the ultimate cameo of the late rapper Coolio, not only in Futurama but across all of television.

Rest in peace Coolio, the mystery of “What is Kwanzaa?” will be solved one day.

In the Season 3 episode “A Tale of Two Santas,” which featured the classic children’s book inextricably linked to the character Kwanzaa-Bot, Coolio made his debut as a cast member of Futurama. The noble goal of Kwanzaa-Bot is to explain to young people around the world the true meaning of this widely observed but little understood holiday. He finally seizes the opportunity to complete this mission by helping the Conrads celebrate Kwanzaa in “The Futurama Holiday Spectacular,” which is from Season 6.

Finally, Coolio delivered a rap performance of “The Twelve Days of Christmas” to wrap up the current episode. This rap culminated with “Jurassic Bark,” which was a reference to one of Futurama’s most tragic episodes.

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