8 Things You Didn’t Know About Addison Riecke

Addison Riecke Biography

Addison Riecke was born on January 26th, 2004, in Covington, Louisiana (a New Orleans suburb). She found her adoration for acting, singing, and playing instruments at age four. By the age of 8, she showed up in ABC’s How to Live with Your Parents (for the Rest of Your Life), and in national advertisements for Lunchables and Playstation. Not long after, she booked a pilot and turned into an arrangement ordinary on Nickelodeon’s hit show, The Thundermans, traversing 103 scenes more than 4 seasons. The Thundermans was a multi-cam, live activity, half-hour sitcom series about a group of Superheroes attempting to carry on with a typical life, regardless of their super-human forces. Addison played Nora Thunderman, who caused insidiousness with her laser-vision and vivacious character. The show debuted in November 2013 to a normal of 2.1 million watchers and in 2016, won Favorite TV Show at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards.


8 Things You Didn’t Know About Addison Riecke

1-  Before Fame

Addison Elizabeth Riecke is an American on-screen character who is known for depicting Nora Thunderman on Nickelodeon superhuman themed comedy series ‘The Thundermans’. She began singing, acting and playing instruments at four years old and later went to camps and workshops, for example, the Kehoe-France and Drama Camp.

2- Her Achievements

Addison Riecke is a child actress whose achievements go a long way past her prosperity in front of an audience and TV. She is generally referred to for her job as Nora Thunderman in the Nickelodeon show ‘The Thundermans’. In January 2012, Addison won various honors through IPOP’s show, including grants for Child Actor of the Year, Winner of Child Monolog and Winner of Child TV Beauty Commercial. In 2013, she showed up on ABC’s ‘The manner by which to Live with Your Parents (for the Rest of Your Life)’. A major advance for her in the acting field is being cast in the up and coming film ‘The Beguiled’. She has additionally included in national ads for Lunchables and PlayStation. She is keen on theaters and musicals, and showed up in front of an audience in ‘101 Dalmatian Kids’. A vigorous admirer of music, she can play three distinct instruments: the piano, the guitar, and the ukulele. She wants to peruse and is as of now composing a kids’ book. Be that as it may, her actual accomplishment would be the altruistic work she has just been a piece of at this young age.

3-  Rise To Stardom

Addison Riecke built up her adoration for media outlets at four years old after she participated in the Bitty Theater and found that she doesn’t fear to be in front of an audience. She did play through show camps composed by Kehoe-France School, which she visited. At the point when she was seven, she began taking proficient acting classes through John Robert Powers in New Orleans. From that point, she went to the IPOP 2012 show, winning different honors. Her first acting job was a visitor appearance ‘On the best way to Live with Your Parents (for the Rest of Your Life)’. Her significant break was the job of Nora on Nickelodeon’s ‘The Thundermans’, a real to life comedy series about a group of Superheroes attempting to carry on with a typical life.

4- What Makes Her So Special

Addison adores the way that she can change into any character while acting. Her first job was that of a domineering jerk, while, all things considered, she is a part of numerous enemy of tormenting efforts. A develop on-screen character at such a young age, she looks at trying out to holding up at the bus station. On the off chance that she misses one, there will be another coming. Sufficiently astute to realize that she can’t transform anything once she leaves the tryout room, she puts forth a strong effort and leaves it there. Elective music is her top choice, and she expects to pursue music later in her life. She regularly takes her ukulele to the arrangement of her show to stick with her co-stars. Addison is a creature darling on the most fundamental level. She invests quality energy with the pooches or felines that are brought to the arrangement of her show during shooting. Her most striking quality is her liberality. Indeed, even at this phase of her life, she is related to more magnanimous work than numerous grown-up individuals ever do in as long as they can remember.

5-  Her Interest In Charity

Her enthusiasm for philanthropy may be the impact of her mom, who helped to establish the non-benefit association Holidays for Kids. She is regularly informed that she is insightful past her age, an attribute she imparts to her on-screen character Nora. Her activities certainly demonstrate her right. What makes her stand apart from different VIPs participating in beneficent works is her readiness to give. A child herself, she not just gave out her birthday presents to kids at L.A. Youngsters’ Hospital in 2014, she even mentioned for pet supplies rather than presents on her next birthday so she can give the provisions to the St. Tammany Humane Society.

6- How She Spends Her Leisure Time

She has faith in having a balanced life. All things considered, she makes a point to go on vacation her bustling timetable to spend on her pastimes. Aside from her enthusiasm for instruments, she is likewise into arrow based weaponry. She routinely stays in contact with her companions in Los Angeles and in Louisiana. She has a cat named Hannah that she received in 2013.

7-  Her Zodiac Sign Is Aquarius

Addison Riecke’s zodiac sign is an Aquarius. Dates of Aquarius are January 20 – February 18. Aquarius frequently puts on a show of being a weirdo – they have eccentric characters and discreetly approach achieving their objectives in calm, and irregular ways. Huge numbers of them are additionally accommodating and their quirk nearby their inquisitive nature makes them quick kinships. They are clever, innovative, humanistic, benevolent, unselfish and reformative. In spite of the fact that they can be genuinely disengaged, featherbrained, flippant, unoriginal.

8- Her Chinese Zodiac

Addison Riecke was born in the Year of the Monkey. Individuals with Chinese zodiac Monkey as per Chinese zodiacs have are brilliant, shrewd and smart, particularly in their vocation and riches. They are enthusiastic, adaptable, clever and flexible. Their qualities are being eager, confident, friendly, and creative. However, they can also be desirous, suspicious, sly, egotistical, and pompous.

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