8 Things You Didn’t Know About Adnan Sami

Adnan Sami Biography

We all know about Adnan Sami but for those fans who are not fully aware of him and his personal and professional life, we are going to share some amazing things to know about his all-time favorite singer. Adnan Sami is a well-known Pakistani singer who has a huge fan following in his real life not just in Pakistan, yet in India as well. Yes…that’s right! Initially, he worked in Pakistani films, but later, he fully concentrated on his music career in which he earned huge recognition and fame. This is a big win for him! Sami is known for his enthralling music composition skills, melodious voice, and heart-warming singing style. Morevoer, he has dropped numerous hit songs for movies as a playback singer and also sung non-film album songs as well. Well, the more we talk, the more we disclosed his achievements, so it is better to give it a read to get to know more about him! Adnan Sami

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Adnan Sami

1- Multi-skilled Person

Adnan Sami is so talented artist who is known for being multi-talented as his skills are boundless. That’s right! He is the champ of music as he is best known for his music composition, singing, and direction skills.

2- He & Zeba Bakhtiyar

Adnan Sami previously got married to the veteran actress, Zeba Bakhtiyar with whom he had a son named Azaan Sami. Unfortunately, their relationship did not last and the couple got divorced.

3- Endless Love for Zeba

Once in an interview, the singer Adnan Sami confessed that he loves Zeba and the most beautiful is that whatever he sings, he sings only for Zeba. And that’s amazing to know about his endless love!

4- Well-educated Man

Adnan Sami holds a degree of bachelors in the field of Journalism and Political Science. And later, he did double bachelors and pursued a degree in Law. That’s interesting to know!

5- Comes from an Educated, Well-settled Family

Very few people know about Sami’s family background that he comes belongs to an educated and well-settled family as he was born to Arshad Sami Khan who was a former pilot who worked at the Pakistani Air Force.

6- He & Junaid Sami Khan

Once Adnan Sami shared that he shared a strong bonding with his brother, Junaid Sami Khan who is also a great singer and known for his singing style. That’s good to know that the duo is in a similar field.

7- Love for Music

Adnan Sami’s first love is Music for which he had a dream of becoming a successful music artist and the best is, he succeeded in what he decided to be. And we can say, this is an amazing victory of his life!

8- Junk food and Sweets Lover

Adnan Sami is a food fusion and can’t compromise on his eating habits. Once he revealed that he loves eating Kabab, Banana Muffin, Choco Lava Cake, and Apple Strudel. It seems he has a sweet tooth too!

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