8 Things You Didn’t Know About Alvina August

Alvina August Biography

Alvina August, a talented actress is no stranger to Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. The talented is familiar to Hallmarkies from her roles in “Love in Design (2018)” alongside “Danica McKellar” and “Megan Phillips” in the popular Hailey Dean Mysteries franchise starring “Kellie Martin”. Learn more about Alvina August by reading the eight unknown facts listed below.
Alvina August
Alvina August

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Alvina August

1. Passionate About Acting Since Childhood

Alvina August was interested in and passionate about acting since she was a child, and she attended acting classes at various acting institutes and schools. Her acting abilities are improved as a result of her training and classes.

2. Started Out As A Singer

August is also a fantastic singer who has worked in a number of studios and recorded her original songs. Prior to her acting career, she was a singer, as she revealed in an interview. [1]

3. Loves To Dress Up Casual And Comfy

In one of her interviews, while discussing her character “Molly,” she also stated that she prefers to dress casually and comfortably. In terms of fashion, she is strikingly similar to her character “Molly.” [2]

4. Favorite Holiday Tradition

Setting up the Christmas tree is by far the biggest one. Every year when she was a child in Zimbabwe, she had a real tree. Her favorite part of the holidays was decorating it with all of her aunts, uncles, and cousins.

5. Studied Science

She moved to Canada with her mother when she was 17 years old to study medicine in school. However, after finishing her undergraduate, she decided to pursue her passion for acting and enrolled in acting classes at various institutes. [3]

6. Loves Her Homeplace

She immigrated to Canada when she was 17 years old. She has been living in Canada since then and has stated that she adores her home country. And believes that Canada is one of the most diverse places to live, with racial, ethnic, religious, and sexual orientation differences forming the foundation and strengthening the country.

7. Her Best Advice

Her advice to those considering a career in the entertainment industry is to first hone their acting skills before venturing into show business. As there are many obstacles that they may be unaware of, it is best to learn about them first.

8. Worked In A Broadway Musical

We’ve already told that she was a singer too and has a great voice. Alvina got her first audition in “The Lion King” Broadway version. As they needed a voice for “Nala” and Alvina’s voice was perfect for this role.

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