8 Things You Didn’t Know About Amy Locane

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Amy Locane Biography

Ammy Rose Locane is an American actress who is best known for starring in the musical comedy ‘Cry-Baby’ which was directed by a well-known film director John Waters, released in 1990. Locane portrayed Sandy Harling in the first season of the prime-time soap opera Melrose Place, which aired in 1992. There is no doubt that she has been giving stellar performances since she started her professional acting career. Today, we have enlisted some unknown things about her you probably didn’t know before. And we are sure you people would love reading them!

Amy Locane

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Amy Locane

1- She’s in Her 40s

Amy Locane is in her 40s. She was born on  19th December 1971 in Trenton, New Jersey, USA. She grew up and studied there. She spent her time with her family.

2- She started Acting in Her Young Age

At the age of 12, Amy Locane started her acting profession. She has worked in more than 60 commercials. At that time, she starred in the show named ‘Spencer’ which was aired in the year 1984.

3- She was On Melrose Place

During the early 90s, Amy Locane appeared in 13 episodes of “Melrose Place.” She did not continue the series, but her character was written off. She is remembered for this role.

4- She is Divorced

Amy Locane first engaged in 2006. Later, she married Mark Bovenizer. He is a firefighter. In 2007, she welcomed her first baby, and her second baby was born in 2009. When things didn’t go well, she got divorced.

5- She Killed a Woman in 2010

It’s about 12 years ago, Locane killed a woman while driving. She was driving at a high speed of almost 20 mph and hit a man who was driving 3 mph to turn into his driveway. The car was crashed and killed the man’s wife who was 60 years old.

6- Her Husband filed for Divorce

In 2015, she was released from jail, and her husband filed for divorce. He also filed custody of his children as he thought he was the better fit for his kids as a parent.

7- Her Case has been a Mess from Day First

Surprisingly, Amy Locane’s case has been a mess from day first. This is a fact that many people probably didn’t know before.

8- She’s Now Dating Her Former Attorney

Do you want to know with whom she has been dating? Let us tell you that she has been dating her former attorney James Wronko.

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