8 Things You Didn’t Know About Andrew Tinpo Lee

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Andrew Tinpo Lee Biography

Andrew Tinpo Lee is a brilliant actor, surfer, and fly fisherman. He is a Chinese actor and his parents are both Chinese. At the age of 1, he along with his family moved to the United States of America where he started studying. After completing his formal studies, he then studied acting and writing. Following his passion for acting and writing, he pursued it as a career and started accepting acting and writing gigs in New York. Since 2007, he has lived in Los Angeles with his wife and three kids, including Peyton Elizabeth Lee who is also an actress. Well, to know more about his personal and professional ventures, here we are going to share some lesser facts. So, here is the chance to know more about him. Let us have a look!

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8 Things You Didn’t Know About Andrew Tinpo Lee

1- Birth & Zodiac Sign

Andrew Tinpo Lee was born on 31st May 1968 in Castries, Saint Lucia, British West Indies. And his zodiac sign is Gemini. People with Gemini are bold, independent, and charming. They love experiencing new things and enjoy adventures.

2- Nationality

Here we are going to tell you about his nationality. Yes… Andrew Tinpo Lee has a St. Lucian nationality. While his origin is from China.

3- Hobbies

Andrew Tinpo Lee loves adventures that’s the reason he always prefers traveling whenever he gets time. He loves to explore different cultures, loves to meet new people, and loves to knows different traditions.

4- Hanging Out

Andrew Tinpo Lee loves hanging out and often goes out for hoteling with his friends and close ones. He also loves to be a social person and loves attending numerous film events including award ceremonies.

5- Avid Reader & Writer

People with writing skills are always known to be avid readers. Yes… And here you will be surprised that reading and writing are some other most loved hobbies for the actor.

6- Active on Social Media

Andrew Tinpo Lee is an active user on social media platforms where he connects with many people. he loves interacting with them via comments and live sessions.

7- Professions as Hobbies

By profession, Andrew Tinpo Lee is a great actor and writer. And what’s best about it? He considers his professions as his hobbies that he loves to do the most. And that’s so inspiring!

8- Prolific Career

Andrew Tinpo Lee made his prolific career by working on numerous acting and writing gigs. Initially, he started working as an actor and writer in New York City, USA. Since then, he did not look back and continued working.

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