8 Things You Didn’t Know About Anne Heche

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Anne Heche Biography

Anne Heche went from being one of Hollywood’s most talked about and desired stars in the early 2000s to fading from view. She almost appears to have vanished completely.

The recent news of her death was completely shocking for her fans. So, in the memorial of this talented actress we’ve collected some unknown facts about her that you didn’t know before.

Anne Heche
Anne Heche

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Anne Heche

1. Came From A Poor Family

Although Anne Heche had achieved great fame up to this point. But her family was not wealthy. She used to make a living by singing in a church.

2. Her Nasty Divorce

Everyone knows that a nasty breakup or divorce can cause a person to go into hiding. Just ask Anne Heche, who divorced her husband of five years, Coley Laffoon, in 2007. According to People, their divorce became acrimonious when Laffoon claimed that Heche was possibly incapable of caring for their son. [1]

3. Molested By Her Own Father

Heche had claimed in interviews over the years that her father, Don Heche, a Baptist minister and church organist who was a closet homosexual, molested and raped her from the time she was a young child until the age of 12. [2]

4. Got Her Start In Soap Operas

Heche got her start in soap operas at a young age. From 1987 to 1991, she starred as identical twins Vicky Hudson and Marley Love in “Another World,” and she went on to star in films such as “Wag the Dog” and “Donnie Brasco.”

5. She Has A Son With James Tupper

Since her first marriage ended in a such public scandal, it appeared that Anne Heche approached love very subtly the second time around. She maintained a committed relationship with James Tupper, with whom she gave birth to a son in 2009.

6. LGBTQ Trailblazer

Heche locked eyes with Ellen DeGeneres at the 1997 Vanity Fair Oscar party, sparking a love story that would serve as many Americans’ first exposure to a celebrity lesbian couple. [3]

7. Dies In A Car Accident

Heche died on August 12, one week after a horrific car accident. She died as a result of brain damage and severe burns. [4]

8. Performed On DWTS

Anne Heche appeared on Season 29 of “Dancing With the Stars” in 2020. She danced with Keo Motsepe, and the pair put on several spectacular performances.

Anne In DWTS
Anne In DWTS


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