8 Things You Didn’t Know About Arif Zakaria

One of the most acclaimed Indian actors, Arif Zakaria who has appeared in many film projects and became popular for his incredible work. He has played various roles, started through a debut film named ‘Darmiyaan’. Later, he made an appearance in the film named 1947, Earth, Dance Like a Man (English), and many more. Some of them are biopic projects including ‘Mardana’ in the controversial Nanak Shah Fakir, and others are prominent. He also acted in theatre plays during his college days. Later, he joined small screen where he appeared in serials, and also films. However, this does not end here as we are bringing you some unknown things you probably did not know about.

Arif Zakaria

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Arif Zakaria

1- Popular Role

Among several roles, Arif Zakaria made his identity through a role played in the film named ‘Darmiyaan’ which was released in the year 1997. It was the role for which he became popular and everyone praised him.

2- Political Side

The man having a Muslim family background had an interest in politics and after gaining much success and fame, he then joined the Congress Political Party.

3- National Award Winner

Arif Zakaria has been considered as one of the top-notched Bollywood actors who has earned a lot of fame and recognition during his career life, and the best is that he was honored with the National Award for the film named ‘Darmiyaan’ released in 1997.

4- He & Namrata Sharma

The couple, Arif Zakaria and Namrata Sharma dated for a long and later they got married in the year 2002. His wife Namrata Sharma is a famed Columnist at Mumbai Mirror. The couple is blessed with a daughter and a son.

5- He & Asif Zakaria

A very few people know about the relationship between Arif and Asif Zakaria. They both are brothers and Asif Zakaria is also a great politician ( of Indian National Congress).

6- Favorite Book

Being a book lover, Arif Zakaria always takes time out for reading books and one of his most favorite books is ‘Ocean of Cobras’ which was written by Murad Ali Baig.

7- He & Farid Zakaria

The actor has a strong association with the renowned Indian-American Journalist Farid Zakaria and you will be surprised to know that Arif Zakaria and Asif Zakaria are cousins of Farid Zakaria.

8- He & Rafiq Zakaria

Arif Zakaria had another strong connection with his uncle Rafiq Zakaria who was a member of the Congress Party where he served as a Deputy Congress Leader -Indira Gandhi.

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