8 Things You Didn’t Know About Austin Gunn

Written by Editorial Staff

Wrestling fans may be familiar with the name Austin Gunn. He is not only an All Elite Wrestler (AEW), but he is also a rapper and a reality television star. He’s not afraid to try anything in his career life and he is very confident about himself. He loves to take risks no matter where his dreams take him. Considering that, he’s a man with a lot of things going for him. But who is he? In addition to keeping up with his career, you may not know much about him outside of the ring, so we’ve compiled some lesser things all you need to know about him. And we are sure you would love reading them. Let’s have a look!


8 Things You Didn’t Know About Austin Gunn

1- Wrestling is his family Business

Do you people know that he is not just a wrestler, but wrestling is his family business? His brother and father both are professional wrestlers. His father Billy Gunn and brother Colten Gunn do the same thing and has become famous.

2- His stage name is not his Birth Name

Here we are telling you another surprising thing you probably didn’t know about. Gunn is his stage name while his surname is Sopp which is not so powerful as Gunn.

3- He has a strong Educational Background

Austin Gunn has a strong educational background as he attended Rollins College in Orlando. He has a bachelors degree in elementary education which means he could be an elementary school teacher.

4- He’s a Reality Star

Another fact is here to amaze you. Yes… Austin Gunn is a reality star and is known for hosting s new show named ‘Relatively Famous: Ranch Rules’. On the show, he works alongside famous celebrities almost famous kids.

5- He’s the Bad Guy

Austin Gunn is the bad guy as he is a prolematic kind of person. He has some issues that many people don’t know about. And that’s the reason he is being labeled the bad guy.

6- A Love Triangle

The multi-talented star was dating two women from the show at the same time as he wanted to know them a little better at the same time.

7- He’s close to his Mom

Once in an interview with a media outlet, Austin Gunn shared that he’s close to his mother. He often shares photos of himself with his mother.

8- He’s a Little Private

Despite managing his career as an actor and host, Gunn is not so talkative man when it comes to his personal life. He is a little private person who loves keeping things confidential.

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