8 Things You Didn’t Know About Bertie Carvel

Bertie Carvel Biography

Bertie Carvel is a British actor who was born on September 6, 1977. Carvel was born in the London neighborhood of Marylebone. Carvel attended Hampstead’s University College School. He graduated from the University of Sussex with a first-class honors degree in English. Following are some of the facts about Bertie Carvel.
Bertie Carvel
Bertie Carvel

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Bertie Carvel

1. Awards

He has won two Laurence Olivier Awards: one for Best Actor in a Leading Work in a Musical for his portrayal as Miss Trunchbull in Matilda the Musical, and another for Best Actor in a Supporting Role for his role as Rupert Murdoch in Ink. He also received the Tony Award for Best Actor in a Featured Part in a Play for the latter role. [1]

2. Fame

He is most recognized for his roles as Jonathan Strange in Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell and Simon Foster in Doctor Foster on television.

3. Pay for his acting studies

Scholarships from The Wall Trust and the Sir John Cass Foundation helped him pay for his acting studies.

4. Father – journalist

He is the son of John Carvel, a famous journalist of his time and even in today’s world.

5. Mother – psychologist

His mother is a well-reputed psychologist. He has come from a family of well-reputed people. And it’s clearly seen that everybody in his family is quite educated.

6. Patron of globe play’s education department

Carvel is a patron of the Globe Play’s education department’s ‘Playing Shakespeare’ initiative, which provides secondary school students with free educational resources as well as free theatre tickets.

7. Equity’s stage committee

In 2013, he ran for and was elected to Equity’s Stage Committee, which consists of 11 members. In 2015, he was re-elected for a second two-year term.

8. Priority of characters

He said in an interview that he liked to play those characters who are massively chipped.