8 Things You Didn’t Know About Chelsea Peretti

Chelsea Peretti is an actor, comedian, and writer, among other things. While she is most known for her role as the funny Gina Linetti on the Fox comedy series “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” she is also married to Jordan Peel, the sister of Jonah Peretti, and has her own Instagram account.

If you are one of her followers who are interested in learning more about her, then these 8 undiscovered facts about her will pique your interest.

Chelsea Peretti
Chelsea Peretti

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Chelsea Peretti

1. Her Brother Is A Entrepreneur

Jonah Peretti, Chelsea Peretti’s brother, is also incredibly brilliant, but he chose to use his talents in a different industry. He is the founder and CEO of BuzzFeed, and hence one of The Huffington Post’s creators.

Chelsea with her brother`
Chelsea with her brother

2. Andy Samberg Is Her Actual Childhood Friend

Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans will recall that Andy Samberg’s character Jake Peralta had known Chelsea Peretti’s Gina Linetti since they were children. They didn’t need to act too hard for that, as they’d known each other since they were youngsters. They went to school together, and Chelsea claims she was into Andy when they were younger. [1]

3. A Great Writer

Chelsea Peretti is an excellent writer, which should come as no surprise. After all, she’s a stand-up comic, which necessitates a high level of writing ability. However, many people are unaware that she spent two seasons writing for Parks & Recreation. [2]

4. Created A Whole Comedy Concept Album For Coffee

Chelsea Peretti makes her musical debut in 2020 with the release of a musical comedy concept album on one of her favorite things in life: coffee. In April 2020, she released an EP titled Foam and Flotsam. [3]

5. Simple Love Life

Chelsea Peretti is now blissfully married to Jordan Peele, her spouse of six years. Chelsea and Jordan, unlike other celebrities, did not have a lavish wedding. No, they eloped in 2016 after only a few months of engagement. [4]

6. Wasn’t Always Confident

Chelsea Peretti appears to be the most confident person on the earth, whether on TV or at one of her stand-up acts. But she had to work hard to gain that confidence because she wasn’t always pleased with herself. Especially during her adolescence. [5]

7. Starts Laughing During Filming Of Brooklyn Nine-Nine

First and foremost, Chelsea Peretti would constantly burst out laughing throughout filming. They made Gina’s laughter part of her character because it happened so frequently. According to Andy Samberg, “Chelsea gave up trying. Her character’s constant laughter became part of her personality.”

8. Podcaster

Call Chelsea Peretti, Peretti’s own call-in podcast debuted in October 2012. She is a truly talented star with practically every talent in her personality.

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