8 Things You Didn’t Know About Danish Taimoor

Danish Taimoor Biography

Danish Taimoor has enchanted all of his fans with his memorable performances in dramas and films. And has wowed many with his acting abilities in a variety of projects. The attractive man is now working hard on his physique. And has been enthralling all of his female fans with his well-sculpted body, which adds to his attractiveness. With his role as Salu in Wrong No, he achieved international fame and became a household name. We are confident that even his most ardent fans are unaware of certain facts about the heartthrob. So, for his die-hard fans, here are 8 unknown facts about him.
Danish Taimoor
Danish Taimoor

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Danish Taimoor

1. Started His Career As A Model

Danish began his career as a model, working on numerous shoots for well-known fashion brands as well as top industry photographers. He also has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Karachi. He finished it during his modeling career. [1]

2. His Brother Is Also A Model

Most people believe he is the only one who has pursued a career in show biz. But this is not the case. Zahid Taimoor, his younger brother, is also a top model. Who has walked the runway for many top designers and has appeared in numerous fashion photo shoots.
Danish Taimoor With his brother Zahid Taimoor
Danish Taimoor With his brother Zahid Taimoor

3. His Small Screen Debut

The majority of his fans are aware that he made his small-screen debut with Dil Diya Dehleez. But that is false. He made his television debut in the “Mystery Series”. And appeared in two episodes of the same series, “Do Saal Baad” and “Dracula”. Imran Khokhar directed the mystery series that aired on Indus Vision.

4. Also Has Some Great Dancing Skills

As we all know that Danish Taimoor is a phenomenal actor, but his skills are not just surrounded by acting. He’s also a phenomenon dancer, who never failed to wow his audience with his amazing moves. [2]

5. Has A Sindhi Background

The handsome boy is of Sindhi origin. Because his family has roots in Sindh. And comes from a close-knit family. He has three siblings. One younger brother, Zahid, about whom we previously stated that he is a model, and two sisters.

6. Awards Recognition

Danish won the ARY Film Award for Best Star Debut Male for his debut film Jalaibee. In addition, he was nominated for Best Actor in the same awards for his role as Salu in Wrong No. 2

7. Perform Stunts All By Himself

As we’ve seen, many actors don’t perform stunts on their own and instead enlist the help of a stuntman. However, the daring actor Danish Taimoor prefers to do all of the stunts himself.

8. Enjoys Working On His Physique

The actor is very possessive about keeping his good looks. As a result, he appears to be a gym freak. That explains his good looks and charming personality.  


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