8 Things You Didn’t Know About Denzel Washington

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Denzel Washington Biography

Denzel Washington is an award-winning icon of the Hollywood industry. With his outstanding performance, he has won millions of hearts and many awards as well. His acting debut take a great start with the comedy film “A Carbon Copy” which was a huge success. He was praised by critics and his fans around the globe.  Denzel keeps achieving huge fame let us discover more about his achievements and some hidden facts that you don’t know about him.

Denzel Washington
Denzel Washington

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Denzel Washington

1. Plans to be a Doctor

After appearing as a doctor in his film John Q, the actor reveals that he actually planned to be a doctor when he comes to “Fordham University”. As an actor, he played a brilliant role of a doctor that tells us that if he shall be a doctor then he could have done that job very well too.

2. Oscar Winning Actor

When it comes to winning an oscar it’s his proud moment that he has won the academic award two times. He becomes the first black actor to win two Oscars. In 1989, he received his first Oscar for a supporting actor in the film “Glory”. His second Oscar was for best actor for the movie “Training Day”.

3. Origination of Name

The full name of the actor is “Denzel Hayes Washington, Jr”. He has got his father’s name who was named after a doctor who delivered him, “Dr. Denzel”.

4. Favourite Role

We all want to know that what’s the favorite role of Denzel Washington. According to his choice, the actor’s favorite role is “Detective Alonzo Harris” in the movie “Training Day”. It was the role of a corrupt narcotics detective who works for the Russian mob.

5. Crooked Finger

Although the actor seems flawless to you all ladies but let us tell you that this is not the case. The actor told during an interview that he had a broken pinky finger that was the consequence of his childhood Basketball accident

6. Regret of a Mistake

What if instead of “Brad Pitt” we would have seen “Denzel Washington” as a lead in the movie “Seven”. During his several interviews, Denzel has revealed that he turned down Brad Pitt’s role and it was the biggest mistake that he still regrets. [1]

7. Prediction Come True

Denzel disclosed about the prophecy in his interview he told that he had received the prophecy from a woman that he would travel the world and speaks to millions of people. As we all can see that this prophecy come true as Denzel has got huge fame all over the world.

8. Role Model For His Children

The actor is a proud father of his four talented children who are following the footsteps of their father as they are also building their careers towards acting.


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