8 Things You Didn’t Know About Derya Alabora

Derya Alabora Biography

Derya Alabora is a Turkish actress who was born on 19th August 1959. She is most popular for her acting skills and the way she demonstrates a variety of roles. Also, she has the ability to captivate the viewers’ attention and that’s the main reason for her fame and success. However, she did an incredible job in her time. Here’s a list of some more facts you didn’t know about her.

Derya Alabora

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Derya Alabora

1- Derya Alabora’s Family Background

She was born and raised in Istanbul and also has a Turkish family background. Derya Alabora was so passionate about acting since childhood and wanted to undertake this after completing her studies. She made her mindset to join showbiz and pursue it as a career.

2- Her Educational History

She has done graduation from the theatre department at the conservatory of Mimar Sinan University in 1982. Afterward, she then started her acting career with full of enthusiasm.

3- Awards And Honors

She has won numerous awards including two Golden Orange awards for her roles in Masumiyet and Yengec Sepeti. Also, she won first Ankara Film Festival, the best-supporting actress for “Bir K?r?k Bebek” (1988), seventh Ankara Film Festival, the best-supporting actress for “Yengec Sepeti” (1995) and others.

4- She Is Best Known For

She is best known for Pandora’s Box for which she got Third Yesilcam Awards on 23rd March 2010 in the category of Best Supporting Actress.

5- Her Other Notable Rewards

Derya Alabora is an award-winning actress and has received a large number of accolades including  Second Afife Theater Awards, the best-supporting actress of the year for “Balkon” (1998),  40th Cinema Author Association Awards, the best-supporting actress for “Adem?in Trenleri” (2008) and 28th International Istanbul Film Festival, the best actress for “Pandora?nin Kutusu” (2009).

6- Her Acting Career

Besides acting in films, she has also worked at the Bursa State theatre for a year. Later on, she then started working with Ali Poyrazglu for some time and formed the Theatre Group with the coordination of Ozdemir Ciftcioglu.

7- She Performed At The 5th Sokak Theatre

Derya Alabora worked at the 5th Sokak Theatre, the DOT and the Garajistanbul. She acted in various plays including Kean Genet’s “Balkon”, “Ozen Yula’s Ay Tedirginligi”, Bryony Lavery’s “Donmus” (Frozen) at the DOT, “Oyunu Bozun” in the Istanbul Theater Festival in 2007.

8- Her Debut Movie

She made her debut movie named “Bir Kirik Bebek” in 1987, which was directed by Nisan Akman. Alabora worked in not just long films but also acted in short movies and television dramas and she turned into the most prominent and successful actress of the Turkish cinema.

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