8 Things You Didn’t Know About DJ Drama

DJ Drama, an American DJ, record executive, and music promoter, was born on April 22, 1978. was reared primarily in Germantown, Philadelphia, where he was born to a Black Father and a White Mother.

For his huge fan following we’ve gathered some unknown facts that’ll surely pique your interest

DJ Drama
DJ Drama

8 Things You Didn’t Know About DJ Drama

1. Born And Raised In Philadelphia

Many people mistakenly believe he is from New York City, but in reality, he was born and raised in Philadelphia, and he has nothing but affection for his hometown. His upbringing in Philadelphia had a significant impact on both his personality and musical preferences. [1]

2. Becomes DJ At The Age Of 13

DJ Drama is an experienced turntablist who knows how to do his thing. When he first began DJing at the age of 13, he had no idea that his voice would go on to become his claim to fame.

3. Winner Of Several Awards

DJ has also received praise for his abilities. He has so far received five honours in total, the most recent of which being a Globa Spin Award in 2018. Given how he operates, he probably won’t stop receiving honours soon. [2]

4. Studied Mass Communication

He made the decision to move to the south after finishing high school, where he enrolled at Clark Atlanta University to study public communication. He met other DJs there and made connections with them. [3]

5. He Doesn’t Affect By Haters

Whatever you do in life, you must acknowledge that not everyone will like you or value what you have to offer. He accepted this very early on in his professional career. He’s grown a really thick skin, so he doesn’t allow the criticism to get to him.

6. Married To Summer Walker

DJ Drama was married to Summer P. Walker, however, it’s unclear how long the two were actually a couple. They did not have any children as far as we know. Rumors of a past relationship between Drake and Summer P. Walker surfaced a few years ago. [4]

DJ Drama with his wife
DJ Drama with his wife

7. Founder Of Generation Now

He is enthusiastic about more than just working with well-known acts. Additionally, he wants to use his platform to support upcoming artists in realising their full potential. He is the creator of the Generation Now record label. [5]

8. Loves To Travel

DJ Drama has had the opportunity to travel to many different countries as a result of the success he has achieved in his career. He adores having the chance to visit new places, and he particularly adores being able to unwind on the beach.


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