8 Things You Didn’t Know About Don Stark

Don Stark is an American actor who was born on July 5, 1954. Stark was born in the city of New York. Alan Stark, his father, was an actor. Debra Antorelli, Don’s mother, was a stay-at-home mom. Stark and his family moved to Los Angeles, California, residing in the San Fernando Valley.

You may be familiar with Don Stark from his acting career, but there is more to his life as you will discover from the following facts

Don Stark
Don Stark

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Don Stark

1. He Was A Football Player

Stark was busy throughout high school, participating in school activities such as football for the Grover Cleveland High School Cavaliers in Reseda, California, one of the many cities in the San Fernando Valley. [1]

2. Martial Arts Classes

Stark’s parents brought him to martial arts classes when he was 10 years old. This undoubtedly helped him develop confidence and stamina, which aided him when he entered high school and wanted to play football. The experience is also likely to have improved his high school acting and dance abilities. [2]

3. Joined The Drama Department

Stark was not interested in performing throughout high school. With football and other interests, he already had a full plate. However, one of his teammates dared him to join the drama department, and Don accepted the challenge. [3]

4. Well-Known For His Dancing Abilities

When Stark accepted a friend’s dare to join drama in high school, he had no idea it would become his life’s profession. While he did enjoy it, it was just something he did for pleasure in addition to football and bodybuilding. But, because Stark was so talented as an actor, he had to learn to sing and dance as well, and he became well-known for his dancing abilities.

5. Got Married Two Times

Julie was Stark’s first wife, and the couple had two daughters, Samantha and Nicole. Although it is unknown when Stark and Julie separated, he married Aubrey Robinson in 1989 and they are still together.

6. Auditioned For Outrage

Don was given the position after his second audition, which was arranged by his agency. That speaks much about his acting abilities. The position was for an Outrage (1973) Movie of the Week on ABC television, starring renowned actor Robert Culp from the I Spy TV series.

7. Shot In The Chest With A Tomato Gun

Don appeared as a corrupt city official in the TV show Law & Order. Stark discusses the scene with series co-star Alfred Molina. He describes the scene as having a noisy, hostile crowd behind a ‘police’ line while Molina’s character walks Stark to a patrol car. He is shot in the chest with a tomato while doing the ‘perp walk’ in handcuffs to the police cruiser.

8. A Small World

Canoga High School was a cross-town rivalry for Don while he was playing football for Grover Cleveland. That is also where his That 70’s Show rival, Red Forman, played by Kurtwood Smith, went to school. In addition, one of Stark’s Grover Cleveland High School instructors, Phil Berk, went on to become President of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

Don Stark with Kurtwood Smith
Don Stark with Kurtwood Smith


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