8 Things You Didn’t Know About Emre Altug

Emre Altuğ Biography, Height & Life Story'>Emre Altuğ Biography

Niazi Emre Altug is a Turkish actor and pop singer who was born on 14th April 1970, Istanbul, Turkey. He has starred in popular TV series, TV movies, movies, and concerts. He is one of the most famous male artists in Turkey. Here’ s list of the 8 things you probably didn’t know about the pop star. emre-altug

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Emre Altug

1- Emre Altug’s Education

Emre Altug was the second child of a housewife and dentist father in Levant, Istanbul. He graduated in drama studies from the State Conservatory of Istanbul. He backed up to play resident artisans such as Sezen Aksu, Sertab Erener, Levent Yüksel or Nilufer, before making his first album in 1999 under the name Ibreti Alem (A Lesson for All).

2- His Music Career

In 2000, Yadigar sang Bir De Bana Sor (Ask Me, Too) for an album of Malih Kieber named Yadigar. The song was a huge hit with radio broadcasts. His next album, Sicak (Hot), was released in 2003. His third collection, Dudak Dugada (Lip to Lip), released in 2004, a year after being trapped by Sensiz Olmuyor (Doesn’t Work Without You). Titled The album, the tune became the signature melody of the TV series, given a similar title (Sensiz Olmuyor), in which Emre played the lead. The series was broadcast on Show TV. In June 2007, he released his latest album, Kisiye Ozel (personal).

3- He Released An English Album

Emre wanted to release an English collection, for which he went to the USA and began working with experts such as Mark Feast and Damon Sharpe, Anastasia or Jennifer Lopez, and producers and co-authors. Now come with a melody of altruism), who found Emre’s voice tremendous and began to work with him in four tunes.

4- Acting Career

Besides singing, he has starred in commercials, TV films and feature films such as Kolay Para (Easy Money). Also, he featured in Asansör (Elevator), 1999, Balans ve Manevra (Balance and Maneuver) as a guest star which was released in 2005, Eve Giden Yol (The road home) as Halit which was released in 2006. Likewise, he acted and sing in various featured movies.

5- His Relationship

After gaining huge success during his entire career, he then decided to get married. In August 2008, he wedded the Turkish model Cagla Sikel. They both together have two sons. But unfortunately, the wedding didn’t last and the duo got divorced in 2015.

6- He Made His Debut Album

He started his music career and made his debut album with ?breti Alem (A Lesson to Everyone) which was released in the year 1999.

7- His Television Debut

He acted in many television series and gave outstanding performances. But his first television series was Tatl? Hayat (Sweet Life): Ba?ar Y?ld?r?m which was released in 2001. later on, he stared in Lise Defteri (High School Book): Genc which was released in 2003.

8- His Zodiac Sign

Being an Aries born on 14th April, they are portrayed by liberality, positive thinking, and a carefree character. With regard to those they care about, they can be really sacrificial. Their loved ones would be the first to concede that they are continually ready to share their time, exertion and assets for their prosperity.

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