8 Things You Didn’t Know About Gazanfer Ozcan

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Saim Gazanfer Ozcan was a Turkish actor who was born on 27th January 1931 and died on 17th February 2009. He had proved himself as a brilliant actor who attracted millions of people around the globe through his acting skills. Also, he has given wonderful performances in a variety of movies and demonstrated his talent in the Turkish cinema.

Gazanfer Ozcan

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Gazanfer Ozcan

1- Gazanfer Ozcan’s Family Background

He was born in Istanbul, Turkey and originally he had a Turkish family background. Ozcan was so passionate about acting since childhood and willing to pursue it as a career.

2- He Started His Career With Theatre Play

He began his career as an actor with the play ‘Hisse-i-Saiya at Vefa High School. Ozcan then earned a fame and fortune.

3- He Honored With A Title

He was honored as a State Artist by the Ministry of Culture in 1998. He captivated the viewers with his fabulous performances as ‘Tahsin Sutcuoglu’ character in the famous television series named ‘Avrupa Yakasi’.

4- He Gets Wedded To

Saim Gazanfer Ozcan gets married to Gonul Ulku in the year 1962. Their wedding lasted until Ozcan’s death. However, the couple together has a child.

5- He Established His Own Theatre

Besides acting profession, Gazanfer Ozcan formed his own theatre in Istanbul and named it Gonul Ulku-Gazanfer Ozcan.

6- He Was Best Known For

He was best known for his acting skills and his super hit movies including ‘The White Angel’ which was released in (2007), ‘Aramizda Yasayamazsin’ was released in (1954) and Tamam Mi Devam Mi’ was released in (1975).

7- Awards And Honors

He was an award-winning actor who had won the Beyaz İnci Award for Best Supporting Actor in (2005) and 7th Annual Bonus International Comedy Films Festival – Honoree Award in (2008).

8- He Died In Istanbul

He died on 17th February 2009 in Istanbul due to lung disease. He was hospitalized for 20 days at the Istanbul American Hospital.

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