8 Things You Didn’t Know About Genco Erkal

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Genco Erkal is a Turkish drama actor who was born on 28th March 1938. He is an actor who is known for his drama acting competencies. He acted in a variety of movies and proved himself as a talented Turkish theatre actor who is not just an incredible actor yet also a director.

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8 Things You Didn’t Know About Genco Erkal

1- Genco Erkal’s Origin And Family Background

He was born in Istanbul, Turkey and has a Turkish family background. He was born to father Resat Erkal and mother Nebahat Erkal Serbetci. Also, he has a brother named Ferit Erkal.

2- His Educational History

Besides acting, he was so passionate about getting an education. So, he got his primary and secondary education from the school in Istanbul. Later on, he graduated from Istanbul University.

3- He Featured In 1983s Movie

He worked in 1983s film titled ‘A Season In Hakkari’, for which he won the Silver Bear- Special Jury Prize at the 33rd Berlin International Film Festival Award.

4- He Acted In Many Movies

He acted in several movies but some of the most successful and most popular movies are ‘The Market: A Tale of Trade’ (2008), ‘Sleeping Princess’ (2010) and ‘7 Yüz (series) Episode 5’ (2019).

5- He Is An Award-Winning Actor

Genco Erkal is an award-victor who has won numerous accolades and honors including  Golden Orange National Film Competition Best Actor Award. 

6- His Long Span Of Service In Theatre

Istanbul Theater Festival salutes perhaps the best name of Turkish theater, Genco Erkal, who has spent his long span of services in Theatre and artwork. He is the one who dedicated his life to his profession.

7- Dostlar Theatre Paid Tribute To Genco Erkal

Dostlar Theatre paid tribute to Genco Erkal for his 60th year in art, and Dostlar Theater commending its 50th commemoration. This performance includes a choice from Erkal, who has organized endless plays as an on-screen character, scriptwriter and director all through his profession.

8- He Is The First One-Man Played Staged In Turkey

‘The Diary of a Madman’ was performed by Genco Erkal as the first man to play at any point organized in Turkey in 1965. The artist who has organized a similar work multiple times with four distinct adjustments will be captivating the crowd indeed with his boundless vitality and stupendous performance. Merhaba which takes the crowd on a fabulous adventure in the organization of five incredible names from writing debuted in New York.

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