8 Things You Didn’t Know About Greg Hill

Greg Hill Biography

Greg Hill is the renowned radio personality within the Whole House Group who owns and operates several restaurants. He is not just a radio personality, yet an entrepreneur. He is a real admiration of many who are truly inspired by his moves. Many people are already familiar with him and his achievements but, still, there are many who are not familiar. So, for them, we have something amazing! Yes… Today, we are going to share some lesser facts to get to know about him and his life achievements. Also, we will enlighten you about his personal and personal life, his likes and dislikes so that you would know more about your favorite celebrity. So, let’s dive deep! Greg Hill

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Greg Hill

1- Successful Entrepreneur

Greg Hill is a successful entrepreneur who owns and runs several restaurants, located in the Boston area, such as; Howl at the Moon and Battle Road Brewing. The best is, he got ever-lasting success in his business and that’s impressive!

2- Radio Personality

Greg Hill established his broad career by working at radio. Being a great, well-known radio personality, he got much popularity and immense love from his fans and followers. Sounds Superb!

3- Well-known Jogger

Apart from managing his radio career and running his own business, Greg is also a famous jogger who took part in 5K charity runs, most notable earning is more than $23,000 for a youth organization. And that’s a big win!

4- Formed a Foundation

In 2010, the multi-talented man founded the Greg Hill Foundation which supports charitable organizations from Hill’s audience members. It seems he is a great philanthropist.

5- Hobbies

During his leisure time, Greg Hill loves traveling, getting exposure, learns from surroundings, and different people & cultures. It seems he is a kind of adventurous person.

6- His Birth

The radio personality, Greg Hill was born on 27th October 1963 in Santa Ana, California, USA. The 57-year-old has achieved a lot in his career life and got immense love from his fans and admirers. That’s a real victory!

7- Life Partner

Greg Hill got married to Lil Hill. The couple got married in the year 1994. They are blessed with a child named Gregory Jonathan Hill. The couple is living a happy, successful life.

8- Zodiac Sign

According to his date of birth, Hill’s zodiac sign is Scorpio. People with Scorpio are ambitious, intelligent, and confident, and the best is, he possesses these qualities which makes him stand out. That’s the reason he earned much success in his life.