8 Things You Didn’t Know About Helen Hong

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Helen Hong Biography

Helen Hong is an Actress, Director, Producer, and a Stand-up Comedian of America. She was born in Los Angeles, California, United States on the 7th of July, in the year 1985. She is 36 years old and her zodiac sign is Cancer. Helen’s parents are Korean but then immigrated to New York City which is why Helen’s Nationality is not Korean but American because she was born in America. Helen Hong is very passionate about movements of feminism and shares her political opinions and viewpoints on several social media platforms. A fun fact about the life of the actress who is also a stand-up comedian now is that she has previously in one of her interviews expressed that she was never a fan of stand-up comedy. Later, some random thing inspired and provoked her which led her to take stand-up comedy classes and that was the time while taking those classes she discovered that indeed stand-up comedy is something that she wanted to go after and pursue as her career.

We understand that sometimes we admire and love our celebrities so much that they become our ideal and that makes us want to know each and every little detail about them and their life. So, here we are with some facts we could gather about Helen Hong to help you out in getting to know her.


8 Things You Didn’t Know About Helen Hong

1- Lovely Physique and Personality

The young and beautiful Actress/comedian is 5 feet and 5 inches tall. She is a fitness freak and maintains herself well enough to look fit and smart even though she already has a slim body type and her weight is just 60 kgs. She has a confident aura around her and her personality inspires a lot of people who work with her.

2- Bold and Beautiful

The 36-year-old actress is the real definition of beauty in all manners. Her personality is beautiful, her heart is beautiful and even her looks are beautiful. She has really beautiful black hair and black Korean eyes and she is very bold in nature. She is not scared to explore herself from within and is just doing that.

3- Prioritizes Education

No doubt that Helen is a very talented girl but she is also smart and intelligent. She has always been a bright student and for her Education comes before everything and is very important. She first went to Tottenville High School which is in Staten Island, New York but then later moved to North Andover High School in North Andover, Massachusetts, where she completed her high school graduation. She further went to the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, Massachusetts for her higher-level education.

4- No Industrial Background

Yes, Helen Hong indeed does not have any background in the Industry which means she does not have any relatives who are or have been actors. She has achieved everything on her own and has worked hard day and night to become what she is today. She believes in herself and that is the real power for her to do anything and everything.

5- Marital Status and Love Life

Helen Hong is still single and unmarried. She has not been snapped with any of her boyfriends or husband and she has not even announced anything of that sort yet. She is very focused on her career and maybe does not want to get involved with someone and divide her focus and maybe she is secretly waiting for the love of her life to come and is waiting for the right time.

6- Hobbies and Favourites

She is passionate about everything she does. Helen’s favorite pastime hobbies are reading books and singing. She sings quite well and her voice is really melodic. Though she is a fitness freak and mostly she is on diet but she is also a foodie and loves to eat different foods on her cheat days but mostly she loves to have burgers. Helen also loves traveling and her favorite destination is London while her favorite color is white which is the color of purity and undoubtedly she is a pure-hearted person and a gem in other words.

7- Well-Praised Performances, Awards, and Recognition

The Huffington Post mentioned Helen Hong in the 53 Of Our Favourite Female Comedians list in the year 2011. Later In the year 2014, Hong was nominated on the list of “18 Comedians Who Could Take Over The Late Show by BuzzFeed.

Helen has known for her now her videos and other than that she is known and praised for her performances in Thundermans, Jane the Virgin, Coen Brothers Inside Llewyn Davis, and Parks and Recreation.

8- Avid Social Media User

Hong is a very active social media user. She has accounts on almost all social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. She loves to post about her personal life and make her fans and followers a part of it.

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