8 Things You Didn’t Know About Hemant Birje

Not the best Indian actor for sure, his most notable work included Adventures of Tarzan. Other than that there aren’t many notable works for the Bollywood public eye that Hemant has to offer. Hemant made his debut in 1985 and in the biggest role of his entire career, i.e, Adventures of Tarzan. For his performance, he got huge acclaim in his career life. His several movies have been shelved or never released. It’s rumored that it was mostly due to financial reasons. Well, here are a few things that you might not know about the man himself:

8 Things You Didn't Know About Hemant Birje

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Hemant Birje

1- He has 95 On-screen credits

Mr. Birje has built himself a strong resume being credited with almost 95 on-screen appearances according to IMDB. That’s impressive to know!

2- He comes from a family of Actors

The actor has a daughter, Sayed Birje, who is also an actress by profession. Seems like acting runs along the family’s bloodline. He comes from a family of actors.

3- He likes to keep his life Private

Hemant Birje is thought to be a very private person, having no official social media profiles on any platforms. He likes to keep his life confidential.

4-  Birje is an Active Person

Since the beginning of his career, Hemant has been known to be a very positive man when it comes to his health and fitness. Having been a heartthrob during his younger days, he has kept his level up there at the top being the fittest man in his family and locality in his 50s.

5- Not clear about his formal training

It isn’t sure whether he has been to any acting classes or not. He has fairly been a private person throughout his life.

6- He is a criminal?

Earlier during his acting career, Hemant was accused of harassing his own daughter, reported by his own wife. The charges dropped and he has walked freely since.

7- He used to work as a Security Guard

Before being a great actor and landing a significant role in Adventures of Tarzan, he was a security guard struggling to meet his ends meet.

8- Not a fan of interviews

Hemant Birje isn’t particularly a fan of interviews in general. He prefers to speak about his career when interviewed though, keeping the focus of the world away from his personal life.