8 Things You Didn’t Know About Ivan Martinez

Ivan Martinez is an American Internet personality, twin brother of Emilio Martinez, known as YouTube Star, launched a YouTube channel along with his brother, named “Twins Martinez”. The young star got famed after joining YouTube as an influencer where uploads a variety of videos to enchant their fans and followers on social media. Well, there are more things to know about him and here we are presenting some things you probably not know.

8 Things You Didnt Know About Ivan Martinez

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Ivan Martinez

Career beginning

Ivan Martinez started his career as an Instagrammer and quickly took other social media platforms as well which has helped him to become a famous young Internet celebrity.

He runs a YouTube channel

Ivan Martinez runs a YouTube channel along with his twin brother, Emilion Martinez, who is also an Internet celebrity. They named the YouTube channel “Twins Martinez”.

He is a graduate student

Ivan Martinez has done graduation but never wanted to get higher education because of his dream of becoming an Internet Personality.

He joined a web group

Ivan Martinez joined a web group named “Team 10” along with his twin brother, Emilio Martinez in January 2017. Later, they left the web group in the same year in November.

He & social media

The young, talented YouTuber has an impressive fan following on other social media platforms, such as; Facebook, Twitter, and also on Tik Tok where he makes videos, lip-sync, acting, dancing to enthrall his millions of fans and followers.

Ivan Martinez joined Tik Tok

He along with brother, Emilio Martinez maintains a joined account on the platform “Blondtwins” where they have more than 370,000 fans on the app.

His zodiac sign is Taurus

People born under the sign of Taurus are passionate, loyal, high-spirited, and warm-hearted. Luckily, Ivan is blessed with all these qualities that make him stand out.


Despite a busy schedule, he takes time out for hobbies as he loves traveling, making videos, acting, dancing, lip-sync, and photography.