8 Things You Didn’t Know About Joey Vieira

Joey Vieira Biography

Joey Vieira is an American actor who is of Latino descent. He has made his debut recently portraying the character of “Nico” who was Diego’s dad in the movie Dora and the Lost City of Gold, which was an award-winning movie awarded by Imagen. Joey has lastly worked in the Netflix movie, Escape from Spiderhead. Joey Vieira’s Nationality is American. He was born in the year 1989, in California, United States of America. He is 31 years old according to 2021. Vieira was brought up in Livingston, which is a really small farming town in California. He then shifted to Los Angeles for his studies and then shifted to Australia for his further studies but his main focus has always been on acting which he wanted to pursue as his career. He has earlier worked in many roles in shows like The Simpsons, Kitchen Confidential, and The Shield. Australia was the lucky country for Joey Vieira where he got the role of Nico first in the Dora and The Lost City of Gold movie and then he was cast in several episodes of the series Texas Rising, and then for the hit ABC series Reef Break. The year 2021 with everything negative going around, has been lucky In a way for joey as he has been cast in numerous series by many production houses for feature films like, Streamline, Escape from Spiderhead, Romance on the Menu, Black Site, Bloody Hell and for The Bureau of Magical Things season 2.

Joey Vieira

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Joey Vieira

1- Body Mass

The young and talented actor does not have a very tall height but he looks tall and handsome with a height of 5 feet and 10 inches. His weight is probably around 70 kilograms or 154 lbs in pounds, which is not too much for a male with biceps and a nice hot chest.

2- Physique

Joey Vieira is dashing and smart with a slim body type. He maintains himself very well and is a fitness freak who loves to go to the gym every single day. His eyes are of light brown color and his hair is of dark brown color.

3- Family Background

The actor Joey Vieira is a self-made actor with no Hollywood Family Background. He has achieved all the name and fame on his own through his hard work and passion. His family is not known to the media till now but we wish to meet the great family and support system of the talented actor.

4- Married or not?

Joey is not married and is currently single trying to focus on his career. He has not been snapped with any of his girlfriends till now which makes us think that he has not even been dating anyone for long. Though we do hope that he finds his lady love soon.

5- Education and Degree

Joey Vieira is a high school graduate. He completed his high school in Australia and then stepped into the acting Industry without any further delay and without completing his further studies because the acting was all he ever wanted to accomplish.

6- Passtime Activities

The actor loves acting as his full-time job but other than that, singing and traveling is also his favorite pastime activity. He loves to travel and wants to travel the whole world while singing is his passion and he believes it is the energy booster for him.

7- Favourites

His favorite color is Brown which is the symbol of a sense of strength and reliability. The symbol of brown color inspires him according to him. His favorite food is Italian pasta which he loves to eat anytime and anywhere.

8- Socially Active

Our beloved and handsome actor is very much active on only one social media platform and that is Instagram. We could not find him on any other social platform but on Instagram his name is @thejoeyvieira. He is not much followed maybe because his account is not verified which confuses the audience if it is his account or not.

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