8 Things You Didn’t Know About John Vijay

John Vijay Biography

John Vijay, an Indian actor who is known for his wonderful acting chops and heart-winning performances. He predominantly works in South Indian movies, like; Malayalam, Telugu, Hindi, and Kannada, and Hindi movies. The actor had a dream of becoming an actor and pursuing his dream, he decided to join the field of acting after completing his studies. Also, he has worked for Radio One FM. And likewise, he made his career prolific by working in multiple domains. While he has given amazing performances in many hit films. There is no doubt that he is such a talented and most celebrated actor in the cinema. However, there are so many things to know for his fans that they don’t know about him. So, let us have a look at these unknown facts to get to know more about him! John Vijay

8 Things You Didn’t Know About John Vijay

1- Worked at Radio

Alongside acting, the actor, John Vijay also made his career in the field of radio as he worked at Radio One FM where he served as head program director. Wow… that’s wonderful to know how much he is talented!

2- Well-educated Person

The well-known actor, John Vijay is a well-educated person who has pursued an M.Sc degree in the field of Visual Communication from Loyola College, located in Chennai, India. Later, he kicked start his career in multiple domains.

3- Worked at Advertising Agency

Apart from acting and working at Radio FM, John Vijay also made his career by working for the advertising agency titled ‘H2O’ where he served as the Chief. That’s great that he has such extensive working experience.

4- Well-praised Performance

The actor, Vijay made his debut film titled ‘Oram Po’ in which he gave a marvelous performance. While the role for that film was offered by his juniors, Pushkar and Gayatri who were his classmates in Loyola College.

5- Critically Acclaimed

The actor, John Vijay got critically acclaimed for portraying the role efficiently in the film named ‘Sun of Gun’ for which he got appreciation and positive reviews from his fans and critics. That’s brilliant!

6- Worked with Biggies

Here you will be amazed to know that John Vijay worked alongside biggies including the Bollywood veteran actor, Rajinikanth. While the duo shared the screen space in the film named ‘Kabali’ which was released in the year 2016.

7- Avid Reader

The actor is an avid reader as he has been a bookworm since his childhood. He has a good collection of books related to fiction, no-fiction, and almost all genres. He always manages time for reading books.

8- Won Several Awards

Among many achievements, John Vijay was honored with the Vijay Award for the category of Best Villian and IIFA Utsavam Award for best performance in the comic role. Undoubtedly, he deserves such kind of honors.

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