8 Things You Didn’t Know About Karan V Grover

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Like many others, Karan V Grover didn’t know about his future that he would choose acting as a profession. Even nobody thought that he would go on to do such amazing things in his career life. He never thought that one day, he would become the best television actor. Well, here we can say that Karan V Grover has established his acting career and got much fame & success. We are sure Grover had faced ups and downs in his life to reach this point. Today, we are going to share some amazing things to get to know more about him.


8 Things You Didn’t Know About Karan V Grover

1- He is in his 40s

The handsome hunk has a well-toned physique which has proved that age is just a number. No one can say that Karan is in his 40s. Like many of us, Karan V Grover feels that time has passed quickly.

2- Family Guy

According to multiple media resources, we got to know that Karan V Grover is a family guy and loves spending time with his family. Despite gaining fame and success, Karan still lives with his parents and siblings.

3- Engineer By Profession

After completing his studies, the actor worked as a Chemical Engineer. But he didn’t continue it as destiny had some other plans for him. It seemed that working as a chemical engineer was not his dream and he wanted to do something different in his life.

4- Former Event Manager

Before stepping into the field of acting, Karan V Grover used to work as an Event Manager and Event Planner for a year. He also studied event planning and management from the National Institute of Event Management.

5- No Plans To Get Married

As per multiple media outlet reports, Karan V Grover has no plans to get married. He is currently focusing on his career life. But let us tell you that he is in a long relationship with his lovelady Poppy Jabbal who is also an actress.

6- Supportive Families

Once in an interview, Karan V Grover shared that he and Poppy Jabbal’s families are supportive as they are not pushing them to get married. If they are not married for 10 years, their families won’t force them to do it.

7- Loves Having Fun

Karan V Grover is a joyous person and loves having fun in his life. He spends a good time working on a variety of projects. He is living a balanced life, be it personal or professional, he knows very well.

8- Popular as VJ

Karan has also worked as VJ when he first joined the entertainment industry. He worked with ‘Zee Music’ but didn’t love that job, and left it. He had a passion for doing something else, so he decided to choose acting as a career.

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