8 Things You Didn’t Know About Kelly McCormack

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Kelly McCormack Biography

Kelly McCormack is a Canadian actress, director, writer, and producer. Her exceptional abilities in practically every aspect of the entertainment industry serve as the best demonstration of her commitment and work ethic in terms of her career.

Kelly is a multitalented individual who never fails to delight her admirers with her superb on- and off-screen performance. Even though she has considerable popularity, you might find it interesting to learn some of her little-known facts.

Kelly McCormack
Kelly McCormack

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Kelly McCormack

1. Her Initial Career

Before transitioning to the cinema, Kelly McCormack began her career in classical music and theatre. She brings together a variety of talents from several, conventionally distinct fields.

2. Runs Her Production Company

The actress also runs her own production company named “Floyder Films”. The simple premise of Floyder Films is that excellent art should be produced by decent people. And the production company is committed to compelling storytelling and reinventing the way movies are made. [1]

3. Wrote Her First Feature Film In 2013

She co-wrote and performed in Play the Film, her debut full-length film, in 2013. And the cost of making the movie was just $1,000. [2]

4. Supported The #MeToo Movement

McCormack has been outspoken about her support for the #MeToo movement. And she was invited to speak about it on CBC’s q radio show. [3]

5. Her First Feature Film Was Awarded

Kelly’s first feature film, “Play the Film”, won five international Best Screenplay awards, and her second feature, “Barn Wedding”, was released internationally with A71 Entertainment.

6. Her Current Work In Production

Kelly is presently finishing up post-production on her latest picture, Sugar Daddy, in which she also wrote and acted. She plays Darren, a broke, experimental musician who is battling to pay her rent while also establishing her musical voice and having the time and energy to do so.

Kelly In Sugar Daddy
Kelly In Sugar Daddy

7. Studied Acting From NewYork

McCormack traveled to New York City after graduation to pursue acting, musical theatre, and experimental theatre, where she was a member of The Bat Company at The Flea Theatre Company.

8. A Personality With Multiple Talents

Kelly has undoubtedly shown her multiple talents in the field of entertainment whether it be filmmaking, directing, producing, or acting; she has undoubtedly nailed every role


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