8 Things You Didn’t Know About Kim Darby

Kim Darby Biography

Kim Darby is a multi-talented actress from the United States. She has dedicated her life to the entertainment industry, giving some incredible performances along the way. Her accomplishments have helped her gain a lot of notoriety and popularity. If you want to learn some little-known facts about the actress, keep reading the article.
Kim Darby
Kim Darby

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Kim Darby

1. Professional Dancer’s Daughter

She was born into a family of professional dancers who has also dedicated their lives to the art form. Her mother’s name is “Lnga” and her father’s name is “John Zerby.” Without a doubt, she learned her skills from her parents, and talent runs in the Zerby family.

2. Real Name

Darby’s real name is “Deborah Zerby ” and her father gave her the nickname “Derby” because he thought it would be a good stage name. We can conclude from his statement that her father foresaw her becoming an artist in the future.

3. Professional Singer And Dancer

Under the name “Derby Zerby,” she performed as a singer and dancer. Her parents were both professional dancers, so we can say that she inherited her talent from them.

4. Renamed Herself as “Kim Darby”

She renamed herself “Kim,” after a popular girl in her high school whom she admired, and “Darby,” a variation of “Derby,” because she believed she couldn’t “hope for serious important roles in films with a name like “Derby Zerby.”

5. Initial Acting Career

Kim decides to pursue acting after receiving positive feedback from her fans as a dancer. She began acting when she was fifteen years old. In the film Bye Bye Birdie, she made her debut as a dancer.

6. Amphetamine Addict.

Despite her accomplishments, Kim Darby’s story is not always happy. Kim, like many other women in Hollywood, struggled with eating disorders, public heartbreaks, and amphetamine addiction. Despite this, She has emerged victorious as a survivor of Hollywood’s cruel world. [1]

7. Teaching Acting

Kim found a new career teaching acting at UCLA for the last eighteen years after leaving the spotlight in the 1980s. She has attempted to prepare future generations of young actors for the realities of the entertainment industry.

8. Best Known Performance

True Grit, in which she played a fourteen-year-old when she was twenty-one years old, is one of her many films. She was also nominated for a “Bafta Award” for her work in this film. She received a lot of praise for her performance in this film. [2]


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  1. Bill Balderson, Jr. Avatar
    Bill Balderson, Jr.

    True Grit is one of my all-time favorite films. The cast –Wayne, Campbell, and Darby– was great, but I believe that Kim Darby’s performance is what made the film truly special.

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