8 Things You Didn’t Know About Kurt Sowers

Back in 2003, the TV saw a man hooking up with a woman acting as a millionaire. The same man, Kurt Sowers is now back with another stint at the show, Who’s Kurt Sowers? Kurt is a proud CEO of a company back in his hometown, North Carolina. Not so flamboyant CEO for sure but a CEO nonetheless. Mr. Sowers is a loner even after having accumulated a massive wealth of more than $20 million. He needs a family and surely deserves one as well. Here are a few facts about the man himself. Let’s have a look! Kurt Sowers

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Kurt Sowers

1- There are 2 “Him” on the show

The show tells the truth when it says that there are two-man, one a millionaire and the other not so… yikes! May the odds be in your favor?

2- He is in search of a Partner

Kurt Sowers is very much looking for someone who would allow him to live a life of the partnership. Yes, a partner is needed for our man, Kurt.

3- He looks for love with Several Women

In his show, the sought-after actor seems to have a choice from 20 women to choose and love. Love isn’t that rare for Kurt it seems.

4- He has a Firm belief in Hard Work

Kurt Sowers believes that hard work is the way to live. Pretty ironic coming from the man himself but is very humane, to say the least.

5- He is an Avid Traveler

He loves traveling and it is evident from his social media profiles. The man spends most of his free time traveling around the world.

6- Kurt is a Nervous Man

Kurt is a very nervous man when it comes to his family watching his journey. It makes him both emotional and nervous as well. Enough to make a grown-up man cry *sniff*.

7- Construction Head

Kurt Sowers is the CEO of his own construction company. Not the doomy gloomy millionaire that he is thought of but a great businessman for sure.

8- Connecting with a Potential Partner

Kurt Sowers seems to be connecting with a woman already. She hasn’t had the best reputation in the public eye but is the choice of Mr. Kurt nonetheless.