8 Things You Didn’t Know About Liv Tyler

Liv Tyler was born Liv Rundgren on July 1, 1977, in New York City at Mount Sinai Hospital. She is the sole offspring of model, singer, and former Playboy Playmate Bebe Buell and Aerosmith lead vocalist Steven Tyler.

If you are getting curious to know more about this beautiful woman, then you may find these 8 unknown facts interesting

Liv Tyler
Liv Tyler

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Liv Tyler

1. Her Mother Named Her After A Celebrity

One has to question if her mother told her this when she was able to grasp it or when it wouldn’t be embarrassing. After again, parents come up with names for their children from a variety of sources, so the embarrassment may be minimal. [1]

2. Began Smoking At 14

She did eventually quit, but many others begin at a younger age because it’s considered hip, they’re trying to copy someone, or they just think it’s something to do. Yet, smoking while you are younger can form a habit that is extremely difficult to stop. [2]

3. Her Parents Weren’t In A Relationship When She Was Born

It’s hard to think she didn’t get to see her biological father for so long, but it could have been because her mother and Steven weren’t in a relationship when she was born, however, it does show that they were close before Liv’s mother found the guy she desired. [3]

4. She Knows How To Use A Sword

The disadvantage of this is that she never got to put the talents she gained to use because the planned sequences were cancelled. Nevertheless, according to a LOTR enthusiast who knows the books through and well, Arwen was not portrayed in the same way in the book as she was in the film. [4]

Liv Tyler in LOTR
Liv Tyler in LOTR

5. She Is An Independent Actress

The fact that an actor has never received any formal acting training is either astounding or rather telling since, depending on the actor, it either indicates that they are very skilled or that they should think about enrolling in a school.Liv is somewhere in the medium to the upper end of the range because she’s a competent actress who could benefit from a little more experience.

6. She’s Been Suffering From ADHD

Those who have it or know someone who has it understand that ADHD is not going to ruin a person’s life, but it is a disorder that needs to be carefully diagnosed and monitored in order to give the person the best chance at leading a balanced life that doesn’t have them bouncing off the walls every other day.[5]

7. She Hates Expectations Of People With Her

This has to do with the fact that people have genuinely told her if she would slim down that she would obtain more acting opportunities. Liv doesn’t want to drop any more weight because she’s already slender and happy with her appearance. 

8. She Doesn’t Live Extravagantly

She isn’t chauffeured around, she doesn’t live extravagantly in comparison to many people, and she is just as content with having obligations in her life as the next person who understands what it’s like to have things that need to be done on a regular basis.

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