8 Things You Didn’t Know About Mace Coronel

When Mace Coronel was just seven years old, he started acting. His first acting appearances were in independent short films, and it was on these sets that he fell in love with the craft. At the age of 7, Mace enrolled in acting lessons.

You may be familiar with Mace Coronel from his acting career, but there is more to his life as you will discover from the following facts.

Mace Coronel
Mace Coronel

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Mace Coronel

1. Born In New York

Mace was born in New York but later moved with his family to Connecticut. But like many other actors, Mace ultimately made the decision to move to Los Angeles, where there are countless chances in the entertainment business. He now divides his time between Nevada and California. [1]

Mace Coronel
Mace Coronel

2. Mace Can Speak Two Languages

Multiple language proficiency can provide a person with a wealth of opportunities. This is especially true for persons who work in multinational fields like entertainment. Although it’s not obvious if he speaks Dutch fluently, Mace is proud to speak both English and Dutch. [2]

3. Also A Talented Musician

Although the public perceives Mace as an actor, he is actually a multifaceted performer. Mace is not only a superb actor but also a musician. He is a pianist and guitarist. Although he likes music, it doesn’t seem like he has any ambitions to take his passion of music seriously.

4. He Is Also A Youtuber

Despite not fitting the typical definition of a YouTuber, Mace Coronel does have a YouTube channel. He has garnered more than 188,000 members by using the platform to share various samples of his work. His films have received over 646,000 views, which is even more astounding. [3]

5. Likes To Consume Stories

He enjoys reading stories as well. Mace’s schedule can be quite demanding, but when he does have some downtime, he enjoys curling up with a good book. He occasionally uploads a picture of what he’s reading to social media.

6. Also Has Some Writing Skills

Mace has some writing skills in addition to his musical and acting talents. He likes to write poetry, and to make it more cooler, he frequently types his poems. He might eventually branch out into other types of writing.

7. He Likes Skateboarding

Many of the other things Mace appreciates probably don’t have much chance to enjoy. Skateboarding with his friends is one of his favourite ways to unwind. Unfortunately, we were unable to locate any information regarding his skating background.

8. Enjoys Travelling

Mace has had the opportunity to discover what it’s like to travel to various nations in addition to experiencing what it’s like to live in various states. He has already visited locations like Aruba, and it is certain that as his profession develops, he will be able to visit even more locations.


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