8 Things You Didn’t Know About Malia Jones

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Malia Jones Biography

Malia Jones is an American model. She was born on 27th March 1977 in Loma Linda, California, and then at the age of two, she had to move to Kailua, Hawaii. Her descent is Hawaiian, Spanish Filipino, German and English. She started to surf competitively in her teenage and at the age of 15, she won the girls’ division of the United States Amateur Surfing Championship. Malia Jones has also been a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model. She has done many TV commercials for American Express, Capri Sun, Coca-Cola, Corona Beer, and VO5 shampoo. Jones has also been a consultant for the Disney movie Lilo & Stitch. She is also a designer of a line of swimwear for Mambo Graphics sportswear. In 1999, She married surfer Conan Hayes then divorced. She then married Australian professional surfer Luke Stedman In the year 2007. Well, to know more about her, let us have a look at these unknown things!

Malia Jones

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Malia Jones

1- Physical Appearance

Malia Jones has a slim body type and we can say that she has always been a real fitness freak. She is a beauty inside and out with Brown hair and Brown eyes.

2- Height and Weight

The actress Malia Jones is not too tall but has an average height of 1.65m or 5 feet 5 inches. She just weighs 55 kgs. She is a fitness freak and has really good-looking.

3- Marital Status

We are sure you did not know about her married life. Malia Jones has been married thrice in her life. Past is mentioned above but currently, she is married to actor Alex O’Lougnhlin.

4- Qualification

The actress is a High school graduated though the school is not known and we do not have any information if she has studied further or not.

5- Hobbies

During her spare time, the stunning actress, Malia Jones loves singing and she also loves traveling. She also loves spending quality time with her family and children. She is a passionate singer who loves singing.

6- Her Favorites

Malia Jones’ favorite color is Black and we found out that she loves to eat Fast Food. Her favorite destination is Hawaii where she is living currently.

7- Active On Social Media

As we know Malia Jones is a model so she has to be very active on Social media accounts, which she is. She loves her fans and keeps them updated with her every move.

8- Grateful to her Fans

Malia Jones has a good habit of feeling grateful for what she has achieved so far. She always credits her fans and followers who are strong support system of her during her career venture.

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