8 Things You Didn’t Know About Mamata Shankar

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Mamata Shankar Biography

Mamata Shankar was born to a notable family of Shankar’s on 7th January 1995 in Calcutta West Bengal, India. She is the offspring of the legendary dancers Uday Shankar and Amata Shankar. She got her education from Gokhale Memorial Girl’s College and later from the University of Calcutta. She made her debut with MIRIGAYA in 1976, (which was a historical Indian drama in which MAMTA SHANKAR she cast as DUNGRI) and the film won the National Film Award For The Best Feature Film Of The Year. Besides all this, she successfully shaped her own identity as a singer, choreographer, dancer, and actress. Indeed she is a box of treasure for the Indian Cinema. Though she is known for her work in the Indian Cinema, she was eminent through her contributions in the Bengali Cinema and this was the key towards her JOURNEY TO SUCCESS. However, success is not a milestone for her because just after seventeen years of her debut she won the award in 1993 for Best Supporting Actress for SHAKHA PRASHAKHA and this story of success continues till date. Now let us bring to light some facts about the actress!

Mamata Shankar

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Mamata Shankar

1- Marital Status

The actress, Mamata Shankar is married to CHANDRODOY GHOSH. The couple is living a successful and happy married life.

2-Secret Behind Her Dancing Skills

Here you will be amazed to know that the actress is a great dancer as well. The secret behind her dancing skill is the Uday Shankar India Culture Center and now she is running it too.

3- Hobbies

Here you will be mesmerized to know that her hobbies are reading books and of course singing because of her malodorous voice. Also, she loves watching movies and listening to music in her free time.

4-Favorite Destination

She is an avid traveler and loves visiting different places. The place Mamata Shankar loves to visit every time she gets a chance is GOA and I totally agree with her.

5-Favorite Colour

We can not resist sharing this information with you because her taste in colors is good. As her favorite color is white and black.

6- Reason Behind Her Popularity

The reason behind her success and immense popularity is the film in which she played the role in Mamata Shankar drama film AGANTUK in 1991.

7- Well-educated Person

Mamata Shankar is a well-educated person and the actress is a graduate of the University Of Calcutta. After completing her studies, she then joined showbiz as a career.

8- Loves her Profession

Mamata Shankar loves her acting profession as she has been a dedicated person since she started her acting career. The actress is doing a wonderful job and got acclaimed among her fans and admirers.

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